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Old 01-29-2017, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Chrgers1 View Post
Listen, I'm not on here to argue with you or anyone. The bottom line is the Spanos family played on the SD fans emotions knowing they were leaving and took their money, starting 2 years ago....and now they want us to pay, travel and lick our wounds doing it....
For a guy who doesn't want to argue, you sure came out shootin', and don't seem fixin' to stop anytime soon . . . .
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Old 01-30-2017, 08:27 AM
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Still waiting ....

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Old 02-16-2017, 11:02 AM
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My perspective about the move is that it increases the ability of the players to make more money off the field thus making it a more desirable place for free agents and top draft picks to play.
They can take a smaller contract from the Chargers alleviating salary cap issues, make the money they want and making the team more competitive.
LA is a fickle market, if they start winning ALOT the local fans will come. I can't think of a rival between the Chargers and Rams that would create a hatred of Ram fans towards the Chargers like we have with the Raiders.
I don't think Spanos cares is San Diego residents come to LA to see them play, he is betting on the local fans to fill the seats.
The current season ticket prices are outrageous, but when the Chargers come back with a discount rate, the local fans will give it a shot even if they don't attend the games, they would look at it as an investment when they sell their tickets to visiting fans at a higher rate.
I'm still not happy they moved, but I agree with other posters, San Diego is not a hot bed for professional sports, too many other activities to do and our population is fairly transient with natives becoming the minority. It is what it is guys.
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Old Today, 07:49 AM
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Spanos moved the Chargers to LA, gave the middle finger to San Diego and absolutely broke our hearts to make the team more attractive to free agents?
Recall that little phrase "the San Diego discount" as well as "America's finest city" plus a couple dozen more- People love San Diego, players included. Sure, there are some (ELI) that sell their soul, sell out, screw people over and yeah just screw people for the few huge markets, NY and LA and that's pretty much what happend. Nobody's debating SD has a lot of great entertainment options but ummm LA has more including more traffic, more crime, more pollution, more concrete and a gas station and a Taco Bell on every corner!
I'm bitter. As a life long Charger fan and native San Diego (almost, moved here at three from Akron - thanks Mom and Dad!) and a lover of all things Bolt related, I went from being cool with the Spanos family to hate pretty much. Why was MV out of the question but downtown perfect? It was a sexier option that's why. BTW I agree. A downtown stadium would have been way cooler. It came down to this- Remember the sweetheart deal Spanos got from the city to fund the Q's expansion? Well, he wanted something along those lines or he was splitting. He's cheap. He's now letting the other current heartbreaking you know what build the stadium and assume the bulk of the debt/risk. Some may call it shrewd or even smart....Not I. Cheap. Cheap and stupid. Cheap, stupid and he scewed a lot of good people over to boot. Unfortunately perfectly acceptable behaivor in today's climate. Why stupid? Well he's got a losing organization! (remember I'm bitter) The only way this works out as far as building a new fan base is if he wins. If LA is so great why did the Rams and the Raiders leave? They couldn't win and therefore had no LA support. They left for greener pastures to cities that were begging for them! Los Angeles does not want them! Do you think anybody in LA would spend billions right now for the Chargers? This is the perfect set-up to be the biggest mistake in sports history! The only way this works out is if they win. By the way the backwater sports town of San Diego sells out the stadium when we win. Everybody loves a winner. Do you have faith in the Spanos org? Please trade Rivers you boneheads so I can pull against you!
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