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Old 05-20-2017, 09:13 AM
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Strike three for the Mayor. On his watch, he had an NFL team left town and a failed attempt at bringing MLS Soccer to San Diego. I consider the Chargers leaving town as having a big impact (two strikes).

Time for a change of leadership our politicians included. SDSU vision is on education and research vs. shops and restaurants. Their President is stepping down in June. He didn't want to deal with the negotiations.

It's frustrating all around as I see Atlanta building a new stadium to fit MLS Soccer and NFL Football. The Falcons current home is not even on it's 3rd decade. C'mon Man!!!!

Originally Posted by chargertom View Post
Meanwhile, at SDSU ...

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Old Yesterday, 06:44 AM
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Originally Posted by chargerspadres View Post
. It is reality... and the chargers will now play 12 (at least) away games a year.

I doubt it based on the numbers yesterday.

Originally Posted by Bolt4Life View Post
Counting the first three games:

Dolphins: 1436 available
Chiefs: 1585 available
Eagles: 1140 available

Source: Vivid Seats which is connected to most the other secondary markets including Ticket Exchange and StubHub. I don't care to look up Ebay, Craiglist, etc. This isn't an exact science.

Just to make it easy, let's say 100% of the secondary market tickets go to away fans and we will also round it up to 2000 tickets each game to account for those not on the market yet and for those already sold.

If the stadium holds 30k, like they say it will. 2000 out of 30k is 7% opposing fans. Let's double it and say 4k tickets go up on the secondary market and all 4k go to 100% opposing fans. That is only 13.33% or 14%. Let's up it even more to 9000 tickets being 100% sold to opposing fans. Then, it would be 1/3.

I'm personally not worried. If the Chargers tank the season, then I totally agree it can become 1/3. We'll see.

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