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  1. Kevin Burnett goes all Ryan Leaf on reporter
  2. Cap #s as of 10-3-2011
  3. Anyone here also on the 49ers boards?
  4. Good article on getting defensive turnovers
  5. Hubris - thy name is Rosenhaus
  6. *** Morning Games Oct 09th ***
  7. Bob Costas and George Will belong to baseball
  8. Greg Jennings
  9. Any of you guys watch Jimmy Graham's flop today?
  10. Mario Williams Out for Year
  11. cromartie vs pats
  12. Green Bay forum??
  13. Must win the Very Last SuperBowl ever played!
  14. Jim Harbaugh and the 9er's
  15. Mason traded to the Texans
  16. Hulk Hogan Rips Off Tim Tebow Jersey
  17. Week 6 Games...
  18. Joe Namath on Rex Ryan. " He's too nice"
  19. Brandon Lloyd on the Trading Block
  20. League wide testing for HGH
  21. Lombardi: Colts DE Mathis, WR Wayne on the block
  22. *** Sunday Games Oct 16th ***
  23. PHI Scoring by Quarter...
  24. Harbaugh vs Shwartz
  25. Devin Hester....
  26. Tell me why we....
  27. Brandon Lloyd traded to Rams
  28. Chris Harris wants to be traded
  29. Sanchise & J E T S look horrible beatable
  30. Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions?
  31. We should have traded for SMC college Steve Smith
  32. Bills great Kent Hull passes away
  33. Ryan guarantees 2 rings if he was the Charger coach
  34. LT says he'll retire a Charger. What's your take on it?
  35. Mr. 986
  36. Harison medical (Ronnie brown trade)
  37. NFL Turning Point on Versus
  38. suck for luck anyone
  39. Do You Believe The Chargers Will Win The Superbowl This Year?
  40. Lions trash talk injured Matt Ryan
  41. Norv the offensive genius or Rivera?
  42. At least...
  43. We will make the playoffs. And we will win a game.
  44. Cromartie says the Chargers can't finish..
  45. Jags performance against Ravens shows Chargers have no easy games
  46. Pete Carroll unhappy with refs after recent loss
  47. Interesting quotes from the Jets ...
  48. Merriman Put on Season Ending IR
  49. How about them Bungles!!
  50. Car,Susan G. Komen for the Cure, San Diego
  51. Sunday Games....league flipped upside down.
  52. Cam Newton crow eating
  53. "Experts" make me shake my head sometimes
  54. TJ signs with the Raiders
  55. where's Tutu?
  56. Going to an NFL game in person? Be prepared....
  57. My opinion about LT's statement
  58. Lions fans say no to Nickelback
  59. Miami is looking great in KC today
  60. Football in Dresses
  61. So we make the playoffs?
  62. The AFC is wide open
  63. Eli Manning Elite QB all of the sudden
  64. Kick off penalty
  65. Chargers out? I'm rooting for Tebow!!
  66. Sad reality
  67. NFL Network on Jim Harbaugh and the 7-1 49ers
  68. Laurent Robinson
  69. Just witness the LT to Gates Touchdown pass....
  70. 3-6 Eagles
  71. Bill's David Nelson and Cowboys Cheerleader
  72. Schaub out for the year
  73. Coach Cowher
  74. Brett Favre to the Houston Texans??
  75. Johnny Jolly Going To Jail
  76. On game-winning run, Cromartie wanted no part of Tebow
  77. Rob Gronkowski fined for Sunday night spike
  78. Rex Ryan to be fined up to $100,000
  79. Cutler - Broken Thumb
  80. dom capers...
  81. Blow It All Up And Start Over!
  82. Fred Jackson to IR
  83. Packers' James Jones An Amazing Story
  84. Watching how the Packers played the Lions...
  85. Ndamokong Suh - Dirty Or Misunderstood?
  86. Is there still hope for the playoffs?
  87. Bolts win AFCW en route to SB
  88. Raiders Losing Streak Thread
  89. Flop NFL style
  90. Most apparent observation MNF....
  91. Big Changes Coming To Jacksonville Jaguars
  92. Can the Giants make that 0 go????
  93. Team LeBron vs Team KD (Kevin Durant) Flag Football
  94. Vikings to waive Donovan McNabb
  95. Your Chance To Be An NFL Team Owner!
  96. Vince Young?
  97. “Operation Cold Turkey” ensnares former Dolphin Igor Olshansky
  98. Broncos Defense steps up BIG.
  99. Playoff Machine
  100. Bucs HC Morris Ejects Brian Price During Game
  101. Gabbert is awful
  102. Archie Manning at it again...
  103. Long Snappers hero?
  104. Two Redskins Suspended
  105. ESPN confuses new Jacksonville with old Jacksonville, and … Charlotte?
  106. Sister of Raiders CB Chris Johnson murdered, mother wounded
  107. How the NFL failed America and kept Tim Tebow off prime time
  108. One Team, 25 Years On
  109. How many times can Seymour punch sombody?
  110. UCLA Hired Jim Mora
  111. 12/11/11 Root for the Non-Wild Cards
  112. Chicago @ Denver
  113. I'm so SICK!!!
  114. Tony Sparano Fired
  115. Harrison Suspended 1 Game
  116. Should LT come back to the Chargers?
  117. ‘Tebowing’ Officially Now Part Of English Language
  118. Bears WR Sam Hurd Arrested By Federal Agents
  119. Colts HC Jim Caldwell To Be Fired?
  120. Will Green Bay go all the way?
  121. who would you rather have Tebow or Newton?
  122. Maurice Jones-Drew
  123. Two minutes left in the game.....
  124. Anyone else avoiding watching/listening to media?
  125. Better career move: Packers practice squad or Vikings roster?
  126. Robinson on Jags WRs: 'Those guys are (expletive) jokes'
  127. Who do we cheer for today?
  128. Pats @ Denver
  129. It's Looking Good for Us.
  130. Sunday Nite Football, get rid of those huge headsets
  131. AFC WEST what is more likely
  132. Johnny Knox of Bears: collision requires back surgery
  133. Playoff Scenarios
  134. Rolling Black Outs in San Francisco?
  135. Patriots DE Andre Carter out for season
  136. ***(Un)Official Root for Other Teams Thread***
  137. Rams WR Austin Pettis suspended 4 games
  138. How the Gronkowski boys got good at sports
  139. Colts beat Texans; Good for Chargers?
  140. How Stupid Were the Colts????
  141. Jets' playbook features bloody Manning
  142. Chat Room for a Big Day
  143. Hahahha CROMARTIE! Talking crap and getting burned!
  144. Go Bengals and Broncos
  145. 2011 can't be over with soon enough
  146. Vikings Adrian Peterson Out For 9 Months
  147. Giants Brandon Jacobs Schools Rex Ryan
  148. Highlight reel TD's...
  149. can we still make the playoffs
  150. Who is going to be the NFL's MVP this year?
  151. Dolphins Jason Taylor Set To Retire
  152. Go Broncos, Go Raiders
  153. LT considering retirement
  154. 2011 playoff picture
  155. Darren Sproles close to All-Purpose Yardage record.
  156. its sad.
  157. Mediocrity Defined...
  158. Should Jet fans...
  159. Ravens fans hoping Norv becomes their OC.
  160. Loser Rex Ryan who just lost claims, "Im not a loser"
  161. Super Bowl Predictions
  162. Bucs fire coach Raheem Morris and entire staff
  163. Rams fire HC and GM
  164. Bill Polian Fired
  165. Steelers Mendenhall Out With Torn ACL
  166. Bill Polian is available
  167. Report: Bears have fired GM
  168. NFL Seeds and Super Bowl Winners...
  169. AJ Smith vs the NFL: Gathering the data
  170. Lets be realistic: Can Denver's Defense keep em in the game?
  171. Raiders making moves to improve
  172. Jets locker room extremely selfish
  173. Kevin Burnett.
  174. Jeff Fisher Meeting With Rams
  175. AFC Wildcard - Pitt or Denver?
  176. AFC Wildcard - Houston or Cincy?
  177. NFC Wildcard - Atlanta or NY Giants?
  178. NFC Wildcard - Detroit or New Orleans?
  179. LT on the radio, may be a Charger again?
  180. My Conference Finals + Superbowl Predictions!
  181. Josh McDaniels join Pats for Playoff Run
  182. Wade Phillips Defensive Coordinator
  183. So, Sproles did O.K. in New Orleans
  184. Wildcard Saturday San Diego Connections
  185. AFC Division Round - NE vs Denver
  186. AFC Division Round - Houston vs Baltimore
  187. NFC Division Round - NYG vs Green Bay
  188. NFC Division Round - New Orleans vs San Francisco
  189. Bucs to interview Marty Schottenheimer
  190. Rodgers breaks QB rating record...
  191. Dolphins to interview Zimmer
  192. Overtime Rules
  193. Should the Falcons consider firing Mike Smith?
  194. out on a limb - Hire JACKSON !! as an asst.
  195. Whats up in Rex Ryan's locker room?
  196. Schottenheimer out as Jets OC...
  197. Colts hire new GM - Eagles exec Ryan Grigson
  198. Green Bay Packers using Ipads to study
  199. Top 10 WRs in the NFL
  200. Was Denver’s game-winning touchdown illegal?
  201. FCC to review NFL's TV blackout rules
  202. Fisher to the Rams; Adding Shottenheimer?
  203. David Binn a Donk
  204. Ocho Cinco Hooks Up A Fan
  205. Brees, Turner & Sproles
  206. AFC Championship Game - Patriots vs Ravens
  207. NFL considering full time Referees
  208. NFC Championship Game - Giants vs 49ers
  209. I wish, but doubt, San Diego would ever do this.
  210. Interesting League HC news...
  211. Why Owners would NEVER purposely lose....
  212. Marlon McCree is a Coach
  213. Rumor Mill: Peyton Manning to retire
  214. LT Rips Rex Ryan and Jets Locker Room...
  215. 2013 SB Lines
  216. Rams to play in London next 3 years
  217. NFL Players Arrested - 2012 edition
  218. Dolphins Hire Joe Philbin As HC
  219. America's Top Tailgating Cities
  220. Defense DOES NOT Win Championships
  221. Super Bowl XLVI - Patriots vs Giants
  222. Chargers lost 6; Gmen lost 5 in a row.
  223. The usual AFC cycle
  224. Is anyone even going to watch this Superbowl?
  225. 2012 Pro Bowl AFC vs NFC
  226. Chuck Pagano (John's brother) become Colt's HC
  227. Steelers NT Chris Hoke retiring
  228. Kroenke's Bid For Dodgers Implies Rams Are Headed To L.A.
  229. Greg Schiano hired as Bucs HC
  230. Now that 7 new head coaches have been hired...
  231. Well at least we got one of the three....
  232. How would an non-Charger LA team affect LA TV/blackouts?
  233. Drew Brees doing PAT
  234. New gloves and cleats!
  235. Another good reason not to be a Pats fan...
  236. Gilbride on Ryan Leaf.
  237. Greg Manusky Interviewing with Raiders
  238. Manusky Colts D-Coordinator
  239. Sneaky little cro...
  240. NFL Honors Stafford, 2011 Comeback Player Of The Year
  241. Yearly "We would be in the Superbowl if we had everything we don't have"
  242. Explain not having 53 active?
  243. Archie was right
  244. 2013 super bowl xlvii odds
  245. butterfingers in Boston
  246. Could Lightning Strike Twice?
  247. Atta boy, Justin Tuck!
  248. BRandy Moss To Return for 2012 Season
  249. Manning had FOUR neck surgeries
  250. Fat Albert Out of Work. Again.