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  1. Cleo Lemon Appreciation Thread
  2. Will Rivers roll on in San Diego, or elsewhere? (AP)
  3. Cleo Lemon getting his props!
  4. Phillip Rivers Future Thread
  5. Question about rivers contract
  6. Crazy Prediction #10
  7. So which Brees shows up for the Cowboy Game?
  8. If we trade a QB what should get in return?
  9. If Rivers starts today...
  10. Brees is getting no respect from the opposition
  11. When is it too late or too early to trade??
  12. Minority QB's
  13. NFL.COM Interesting Take on Rivers
  14. Drew... get back on track
  15. Waiting Rivers 'on my own path'
  16. QB controversy
  17. Mop-up duty
  18. new york daily news article on Rivers
  19. Sorry, Drew
  20. Chargers GM emphatic: Rivers won't be traded
  21. Keeping Brees, Rivers plausible
  22. More than One Way to Skin a Quarterback
  23. Top 10 "2 Minute" QB's of all time
  24. Ok Guff. What's the explanation for yesterday?
  25. time to start speculating on what we can get for Rivers
  26. After Pats game, Drew is tops
  27. Brees \ Rivers deal.
  28. Only a question.
  29. Brees Franchise Tag Question
  30. How much did Chargers qb coach Brian Schottenheimer have to do with the new BREES?
  31. Drew Brees QB Draft Class of 2001 Breakdown
  32. I guess Chicks don't dig Brees
  33. Trumpet Dude on 1090 going off
  34. 04 QB draft
  35. Lemon Traded to Miami!
  36. Start Feeley! [NOT]
  37. Which is toast? Brees or Rivers
  38. Trading Lemon and getting nothing for Fonotoi
  39. Let's Say we Don't Make the Playoffs...
  40. Brees to NYJ rumors already
  41. Lemon better than feeley?
  42. Whos worth what in a trade?
  43. NFL Total Access re Brees-Rivers
  44. Not complaining: a little future talk
  45. Trade Brees and Rivers
  46. Cool Brees - Top 20 H O F ?
  47. this sounds like it could happen
  48. Here ya go Brees bashers.....
  49. Question about brees
  50. Weakest Arm
  51. Flutie On HBO
  52. Check out my Brees art.
  53. Brees & Rivers Next Year? - Brees: "Oh, heck no"
  54. Born again Brees fan
  55. Does Marty not like Brees?
  56. How Brees stacks up to some of the great ones.
  57. Drew Brees & Philip Rivers Pre-Draft Profiles by nfldraftscout.com
  58. 7th round draft pick questions
  59. Found this on NFL.com
  60. Ryan Leafs Bro in Oregon?
  61. Mcnabb hurt because of madden curse????
  62. South Park bashing our third-stringer & more.
  63. And you wanted Rivers as our QB.... tsk tsk tsk
  64. 11:00mins left in the game
  65. This could be the last time we see Rivers
  66. Brees Single Best Performance of any QB this year....
  67. I'm Convinced
  68. Who would of thought that Brees...
  69. It is time to compile a serious list of potential rivers suitors!
  70. Guess who made FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week?
  71. Rivers and what he is still worth....
  72. it will probably save SD millions if we don't vote brees to the pro bowl
  73. Check this link
  74. Slingin' Sammy Baugh and PR?
  75. Phillip Rivers to Miami?
  76. What about river to Detroit for Dre Bly
  77. Drew Brees top 5 QB? It's what Joe Theisman said.
  78. Breakfast with Brees (12/06/2005)
  79. new era...
  80. Rivers/Brees will go to the
  81. I've got an idea.
  82. Loss to Colts=Rivers starting last 3???
  83. Breakfast with Brees (12/13/2005)
  84. Proof Rivers has a great deep ball.
  85. QB Rules & Motion
  86. Why do teams waste high draft picks on QB's?
  87. Has Brees earned your confidence...I think so!
  88. Anyone still believe Brees doesn't have an arm?
  89. Mortenson: Chargers will talk to Brees about extending contract after season.
  90. Next year's second (or third) stringer?
  91. My only concern with DREW....
  92. Do we see Rivers next week?
  93. Is Brees Really the Future? Read please
  94. Why are you a Brees hater? tell me
  95. Brees haters must read. Tell me if your happier with this.
  96. What is the lowest value you would accept for a Rivers trade?
  97. How much $ do the Chargers offer Brees?
  98. Chargers Backup QB on the Denver site
  99. Down by 1-8 Points
  100. Doug Flutie Appearing His Last NFL Game As A Patriot?
  101. Let Rivers play Saturday!!! ?? y/n?
  102. Anyone Pulling for Eli Beating The Raiders?
  103. Here Comes Rivers...
  104. River's performance not stellar.
  105. Next year's quarterback situation?
  106. My QB Plan:
  107. Rivers or Brees
  108. So why is the QB blamed for an average Defense?
  109. They should trade Rivers no matter what happens to Brees.
  110. Mortensen ESPN says....
  111. Possible Brees Scenario???
  112. What should the Chargers do with Brees?
  113. Rivers looked similar to
  114. Marty's Brees Comments
  115. AJ's Brees comments
  116. Did anyone else notice this?
  117. Brees will not go, because of L.T
  118. What did AJ mean?
  119. NFL Free Agent Cornerbacks for 06
  120. Rivers fans overlooking Brees?
  121. No more Rivers or Brees fans!!!!!!!!!!!!
  122. The parallels are undeniable.
  123. Carson possibly done for good
  124. a simple but Fair Questions
  125. Rookie Contracts
  126. "They want me long term."
  127. Did Brees ruin possible trade by talking?
  128. Tom Brady
  129. Dan Fouts on Drew Brees(while in college)
  130. Brees a top 5 QB?
  131. Drew Brees Possibly "Gettable" by Miami?
  132. Poll: Brees or Rivers
  133. Just Remember
  134. NEWS: Brees Injury Update
  135. Tomlinson's thoughts on Drew and Philip
  136. Quick Brees question
  137. This is why Drew is our QB...
  138. Which Qb Would You Rather Have?(Not a Brees/Rivers thread)
  139. What would it take...
  140. Rivers
  141. If the Jets want him
  142. Next time we should draft a QB in the later rounds
  143. What is Rivers Worth?
  144. Greatest QB of all time?
  145. Drew Brees the Tennis Player? The next Bo Jackson?
  146. Bree's injury and it's effect on the team.
  147. Where does everybody stand?
  148. Brees' shoulder raises Chargers' concerns, Feeley's profile
  149. A.J. Feeley restructures contract.
  150. AJ Smith: "Rivers will not be traded."
  151. Best longterm investment.
  152. Philip...The Reigns are Yours
  153. Keep the Breeser in San Diego Poll. Yes or No.
  154. Remeberance thread....
  155. Brees' torn labrum - More serious than you think
  156. My reasons for not wanting Rivers to start...
  157. Why 4 and which 2
  158. Our quarterback is viewed highly!
  159. Franchise & Trade?
  160. Who should start AJ or PR
  161. When does Drew Sign?
  162. trade and get vince young
  163. Has This Ever Even Happened Before?
  164. Brees on TV
  165. Team better with Brees (with Rivers backup)
  166. Things Philip can do that Brees can't and reverse
  167. Rivers and the Chargers could actually work!!!
  168. look at the stats haha
  169. A mistake that could be the right thing to do
  170. Favorite Non-Charger QB.
  171. Rivers info and clips
  172. Doctor provides upbeat report on Brees' shoulder
  173. Rivers WILL set the Chargers back at least 2 Years
  174. Back and forth with Brees & Rivers
  175. Brees, c'mon down!Chargers' decision can profit Dolphins
  176. Rivers hould be out right now throwing to VJ!
  177. Brutal Truth.... QB or Defense????
  178. Gather the Troops, lets get a Brees Rally going
  179. RIVERS- and AJ in..whos number 3?
  180. Brees VS. Rivers, Lets FIGHT!!!
  181. So what's the big difference between Culpepper and Brees?
  182. Culpepper to the Raiders?
  183. Note To Rivers - Don't Suck!
  184. If not here,where?
  185. Official Philip Rivers is Awesome Thread - No Brees Backers!
  186. Rivers Reminders - Stories to pump us up about Rivers as QB
  187. The Chargers are Going to Suck Forever!!!
  188. This is the official "Goodbye to Any Shot at a Superbowl" thread
  189. 3-11-06 A new Era! #17 P Rivers is our QB...
  190. The numbers are out
  191. Fox's Adam Schein describes AJ's approach "foolishness".
  192. N.C. State Fans Info Needed: Rivers and the O-Line
  193. If Rivers is #1......
  194. Watch Rivers truck this DB...
  195. Been awhile....need a long story short
  196. It all settled then...Let the hype begin!
  197. Our starting QBs.
  198. drew brees a saint
  199. Best Brees Memory.
  200. SDUT Article on Rivers
  201. Joey Harrington as Backup?
  202. Give Rivers Time...
  203. Rivers vs FSU
  204. Highlights from Rivers' Last Game
  205. A new way to judge QB's:
  206. If i could give Philip one piece of advice (this year)...
  207. What do you guys think about the end zone dance.
  208. 2006 Chargers same as 2005 minus starting QB
  209. Rivers in action check it out
  210. Even the Saints have doubts about Brees
  211. Philip Rivers - Videos - Tangerine Bowl
  212. Steve McNair booted from team facility
  213. interesting article
  214. Is Vince Young the most physically gifted QB ever?
  215. PFW Article- Chargers QB Call is Right On the Money
  216. Don Banks - who will succeed?
  217. Blind Leading the Blind
  218. "Brees a product of talent around him"
  219. NFL Live: Philip Rivers or Vince Young?
  220. Brees' deep ball - compared to Rivers'
  221. The toughest game (this season) for P.R. will be...
  222. Brees is still the people's choice
  223. Bye bye McNair
  224. Chargers QB Draft History
  225. Jets under srutiny for not getting Charlie Whitehurst
  226. Saw Brees at my Movie Theater
  227. Leinart continues his downhill slide while Young continues to rise
  228. How will Rivers do?
  229. Most Dangerous AFC West Rival QB?
  230. Is AJ Smith out of a job if...
  231. Ryan Leaf to be on HBO Real Sports
  232. Should we keep Elliott for our #3 QB and let Feely go?
  233. Leaf makes #2 on all-time list!!
  234. Czar Says..............
  235. Who is the best Quarterback In the NFC SOUTH?
  236. Who's better ?
  237. Rivers a team leader!
  238. Yet another drew brees snippet
  239. Rivers' followers show confidence
  240. Could Feeley be cut
  241. Rivers impressive at mini camp
  242. Rivers still not quite popular in SD...
  243. Cleo Lemon Beating Joey for #2?
  244. Philip: Mightiest River West of the Mississippi
  245. Rivers vs Eli Manning as a Charger and the media
  246. Cool Video
  247. Top five worst QB's
  248. Chargers: What can we expect from Rivers?
  249. The mountain less traveled
  250. Rivers a top Fantasy Sleeper pick for 2006