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  1. "If we had Drew Brees at QB last year we would have won the superbowl"
  2. Derek Anderson
  3. Bench Rivers - Start Volek
  4. Too hard on Rivers?
  5. Rivers 16/40... It aint getting better.
  6. Tom Brady - Could've been a Charger?
  7. Is this the end for Trent Green?
  8. Philip Rivers is 3-0 vs donkies
  9. Philip Rivers Season Stat Tracker (and comparisons and stuff)
  10. Drew Brees is back to his old self..HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE..
  11. Was it me and L.T or.....
  12. Chargers have the #1 rated passer in the league!
  13. Chargersí Rivers Doubles Up
  14. is the NFL largely just a bunch of flip-floppers? (regarding QBs)
  15. "The Worst Mistake a Quarterback Can Ever Make"
  16. Philip Rivers analysis/trends going into the bye week
  17. Tom Brady fined!
  18. The Support Our QB Thread!!
  19. River's Arm
  20. Rivers QB Rating: 90.3
  21. Philip Rivers Bio
  22. Tom Brady
  23. Brees is better than Rivers
  24. Phillip Rivers
  25. It's time to be real.
  26. Brees Defends Rivers
  27. Peyton manning's bff ryan leaf
  28. Philip Rivers...the 12th best QB?
  29. The Browns QB Situation
  30. This is the last straw Phillip Rivers!!! >:(
  31. Bench Rivers?
  32. Whats up with our QB?
  33. PHILIP RIVERS POLL good or bad???
  34. Throwback 2005: A Philip Rivers Poll
  35. offense problems
  36. Let Rivers loose and Don Coryell him
  37. Quarterback development... Philip Rivers comparison
  38. Rivers injured or has always thrown funny?
  39. Rivers vs. Joe Montana
  40. Busting the bad QB myth
  41. Is it time to give Billy V a chance to start?
  42. billy volek info (read plz!!)
  43. Rivers - a new week, a new game
  44. Chargers' Rivers is off target, undeterred
  45. Phillip Rivers...no the problem
  46. Guess which quarterback lead the league in turnovers?
  47. Philip Rivers Struggling
  48. Some observations RE: Rivers
  49. If Philip Rivers was a pitcher...
  50. To everybody that thinks Rivers cannot lead this team..
  51. Bad Mechanics - Philip Rivers
  52. Rivers quote that bothered me
  53. Does Rivers Lack The Ability To Progress Through Reads?
  54. Rivers Struggling? Consider this.
  55. Yes another Rivers thread. #9999
  56. Volek or Rivers??
  57. Phillip Rivers / Brett Farve
  58. Who Wanted Eli over Rivers?
  59. River Haters, Come and Eat your Crow!!
  60. Even the national media hates rivers
  61. A stat to make you feel better
  62. Rivers a whiner?
  63. Rivers rises to occasion, carries big share of Chargers' offense
  64. HBO Inside the NFL 11-28
  65. san diego doesn't deserve philip
  66. Colt Brennan
  67. Stan Humphries/Philip Rivers
  68. Eli better than Rivers?
  69. Big Ben making plays with his feet
  70. Combination of Norv and Rivers during same year
  71. Caption this Clip LOL
  72. Ranking each years quarterbacks
  73. Yeah so... Volek... not so much.
  74. Can Rivers Win A Superbowl For The SAN DIEGO Chargers?
  75. The chargers will go as far as Phillip Rivers takes them
  76. 4 worst words a Charger fan can hear
  77. Troy Smith
  78. Awful to adequate: Rivers recharges San Diego
  79. Rivers ties career high....
  80. ESPN ranks the Qb's....
  81. Link- 'San Diego's struggles can be traced back to its QB'
  82. cutler just don't have it were it counts
  83. Pray Rivers doesn't play against Lions
  84. Rivers injury/durability observations
  85. Where is the Rivers Thread.
  86. Should Volek start for ther remaining games?
  87. Rivers played good tonight
  88. Roo says read this before posting about QBs!
  89. Rivers a Free Agent in 08??
  90. Do you still believe in Rivers?
  91. Do you think Rivers is improving?
  92. Chargers want Rivers to handle heavier load
  93. Jemarcus Russell to start against Chargers
  94. Rivers' Release
  95. Top pick Russell draws Chargers in first career start
  96. Volek is a questionable back-up QB
  97. How good does Rivers have to be?
  98. How long does Philip Rivers have in SD?
  99. Getting Snaps in the Final Game
  100. Rod Woodson Compares Rivers to Ryan Leaf
  101. Philip Rivers Arm Strength Question
  102. Complaining about Bill Volek after today's win
  103. Was Vince Young hurt that bad?
  104. Miscellanous/Interesting Philip Rivers 2007 Stats
  105. Rivers is better than Eli. end of story.
  106. could we pick up Dennis Dixon?
  107. Another idiotic column
  108. David Garrard
  109. Question about Rivers
  110. Philip really is the Rodney Dangerfield of the League
  111. Should we draft another QB?
  112. Who was Rivers snapping on the sideline?
  113. The most hated quarterback?
  114. Rivers' throwing motion is different now
  115. Rivers break down of Titan Playoff Game.
  116. Philip Rivers- The Right Choice at Quarterback
  117. Philip Rivers!!!!!!
  118. What was Rivers yelling at the fans for?
  119. Please Stop Trash Talking Philip Rivers
  120. I want to give Volek some kudos too.
  121. Rivers Not Playing at the end of the game
  122. River's BETTER then BREES!!!
  123. Rivers Passing Performence- Colt Playoff Game
  124. One of the actual Colt fans on Mr. Rivers..
  125. Injuries for Philip Rivers
  126. Rivers: Finally, Somebody in the Media that Gets It
  127. I hope Rivers doesn't start.
  128. Philip has idolized Favre and Bobby Knight since childhood
  129. Can Brady succeed as a running QB?
  130. USA Today online top story
  131. Volek starting over Rivers in Superbowl
  132. Will Pats go after Rivers' knees?
  133. End of the season thoughts on PR
  134. Quarterback Class of 2004--Which would you take?
  135. Kurt Warner for Volek!
  136. How will we the fans respond if Rivers does not play well early in the season?
  137. Which quarterbacks would you take over Rivers?
  138. I'll say it
  139. Eli's crowning moment
  140. Big Yammy is back after what I thought was a lifelong ban...my thoughts on Eli
  141. Problems with the Passer Rating
  142. What will it take to re-sign Philip Rivers...
  143. OYO, top 5 QB's ever (retired)....
  144. Rivers is running in Pool Back by camp!!!
  145. JaMarcus Russel at 300lbs!!!
  146. Volek worth the 3years/$9mil?
  147. Who is better Player A or Player B?
  148. Who is better Player A or Player B Part 2?
  149. Who is the 2nd best QB in the AFC West
  150. Matt Lienhardt - (Glad this is not your QB?)
  151. PR on XX 4/1
  152. Gerrard signs.. whats rivers price going to be?
  153. Good Rivers interview from 5/2
  154. Quarterback winning percentage
  155. AP calls Rivers a Big Mouth
  156. Worst NFL quarterbacks of all time
  157. Bret Favre Reality Check
  158. Brees Not Bitter
  159. Great new PR article from SignonSanDiego
  160. Is Rivers starting this Saturday
  161. question about Volek
  162. Missing Brees
  163. Whitehurst has a long slow delivery in the pocket
  164. Cotchery Farve's favorite target....
  165. My review on Whitehurst in last night's game...
  166. Tom Brady Injured
  167. Bears Pick Orton Over Grossman!
  168. Leinart vs. Cutler
  169. HoopDream's Rivers bashing extravaganza
  170. Where does Rivers rank among AFC QBs
  171. My opinion on why the team loses
  172. Charlie Whitehurst
  173. Alex Smith and Turners System
  174. Leinart should be starting over Warner
  175. Charger Fans MSN/Hoop bashing thread
  176. Vince Young Needs Valium
  177. Can we please put an end to the Rivers bashing threads?
  178. Raiders and Chargers made Culter #1 QB
  179. Rivers was more productive than Cutler
  180. Why does Rivers play better when LT isn't playing?
  181. Tom Brady
  182. Rivers: All time Guttsiest Performances
  183. all this man love for jay cutler
  184. Philip (cry baby) Rivers?
  185. "He's playing at a level, man, that is unexplainable at this point" - TE Antonio
  186. ESPN is gonna compare Cutler and Rivers after the USC/OS game...
  187. Best in the West
  188. the browns need to start brady quinn
  189. Philip Rivers: Way Beyond the 'Derek Anderson Principle'?
  190. NFL.com Pat Kirwan 1/4 season QB evaluations
  191. Jut Cuttler on PTI...
  192. Brees vs Chargers D - Over/Under
  193. River's Arm
  194. Rivers' Stats...and QB observations through week 6...
  195. Scouts Inc.: Rivers rolling as Chargers' focus shifts
  196. will rivers get snubbed?
  197. Cutler at it again
  198. Eli Manning ^^
  199. Rivers is so good...
  200. Rivers vs Cutler
  201. Brees vs. Rivers
  202. Not to start this again (Eli related)
  203. Week 8 MVP per NFL Net
  204. Who are the AFC's Pro Bowl QBs this year?
  205. Which QB Is Best?
  206. Is there any question who is the best QB in the west?
  207. Rivers > Eli ((So far this year))
  208. QB with Best Hair: Rivers or Brees
  209. I'll say it first - something's wrong with Philip
  210. He moves around the pocket quite well now
  211. More Head Jerking from the NFL
  212. Rivers is good. Brees is better.
  213. Phillip Rivers Vs Eli Manning
  214. The pros and cons of Rivers
  215. Rivers vs TB & Denver
  216. Jay Cutler makes the probowl?
  217. Rivers vs Peyton Manning
  218. Rivers Haters Get Your Crow Here!
  219. Rivers wins FedEx Outstanding Air Performance
  220. Should Rivers have been elected to Pro Bowl?
  221. Rivers question...
  222. Rivers Arm vs Cutlers Arm?
  223. Quickly! Rivers vs Cutler record
  224. Rivers 2008 Achievements
  225. Cutler is the next Farve
  226. Rivers passed Dan The Man!
  227. Rivers mobility is a new found threat
  228. Rivers' final status amongst 2008 QBs...
  229. Rivers own AFC West...
  230. Well, I guess Cutler must be surprised...very surprised!
  231. The Media And PR
  232. billy V
  233. brady or manning
  234. Rivers career #'s so far, are very impressive!
  235. Mvp?
  236. Peyton Manning
  237. Is Jay Cutler a punk?
  238. Who had the best year really?
  239. Diabetes dulls the brain claim scientists
  240. Article on Philip Rivers
  241. Did anyone else just KNOW Rivers was gonna explode this year?
  242. ESPN Insider Article compares Rivers, Eli, Ben
  243. Tim Tebow Returning To Florida For His Senior Season
  244. Rivers v Pittsburgh today
  245. Lets give it up for Phillip Rivers
  246. Is it funny?
  247. Rivers getting 100 mill contract???
  248. QB Class of 2004
  249. Brett Favre Retires (again)
  250. Drew Brees is Salty