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  1. Regular Season QB Rotation.....
  2. Gotta do the right thing
  3. Keep the veteran
  4. Am I crazy?
  5. What about Doug?
  6. Why so quick to discard Drew?
  7. This is why we keep 4 QB's
  8. Drew Brees
  9. Carson Palmer Will Be A Bust
  10. I will be shocked if they start Rivers
  11. A nickname for Rivers
  12. QB Named Today??
  13. Would it be funny
  14. Drew Brees is name starter >:))
  15. Congratulations, Drew!
  16. Explain to me
  17. Roll Call
  18. Rivers updates his player journal
  19. Anyone seen "Brees Company?"
  20. Good Article On Brees Being Traded
  21. Just Curious
  22. Prediction on where Brees will go!!
  23. As much as I like Rivers...
  24. Let Rivers Start
  25. Robert Gallery hindsight
  26. Rivers Hold Out Reasons
  27. Give Flutie A Chance - Trade Him
  28. Drew Dominates Texans!
  29. what does a young QB needed to success in the NFL?
  30. Brees on NFL Network Tonight
  31. Whats Gonna happen this Sun.
  32. I was at the game
  33. Starting QB's?
  34. Tell me something is wrong in this picture
  35. Rivers
  36. What do you think LT's feeling like right now?
  37. Steelers in need of a veteran QB
  38. Arizona QB problems
  40. Bring back Fouts!!!
  41. Rivers is the QB of the Future
  42. What Rivers needs to see is Heart and Commitment
  43. Who else out there likes Lemons?
  44. pain and confidence
  45. The Gospel according to Geekster
  46. I know we've had the biggest bust...
  48. Eli Manning
  49. Brees' last hoorah
  50. Brees Sucks
  51. Ok, Brees is Done
  52. Why blame Brees
  53. Marty says Brees Starts next week 100%
  54. Brees stinks
  55. And so here we are in Week 3
  56. Take Brees Out!
  57. Lots of Talent
  58. What a team
  59. Converted Chargers fans behind Rivers
  60. Drew only plays QB
  61. Trade Brees Week Six
  62. Brees Fans where u at?
  64. Don't start Rivers, not yet anyway
  65. Brees Fans are not Charger Fans
  66. I'm not a Brees hater, but a realist
  67. sorry to all
  68. C'mon Spanos
  69. I told you so
  70. would YOU have confidence with predictable play calling and a weak OLINE?
  71. The Chargers are a lot like River's NC State teams
  72. Hello from NC
  73. NC Sate Grad... Huge Rivers fan...
  74. Bolts Need a New Look
  75. Drew Brees not only problem
  76. Cam Cameron
  77. Does anyone really know???
  78. Igor
  80. Rivers moves up Chargers' depth chart to No. 2
  81. Will you please let Flutie move on...
  82. Breese for Seau
  83. At Q.B. from Purdue............................
  84. The importance of a good receiving corps
  85. Rivers #2...so is Flutie #1?
  86. Flutie gets no respect
  87. Why not start rivers
  88. Rivers Will Struggle
  89. Trade all of our QBs for McNabb and the O-line
  90. No QB Contraversy in San Diego
  91. Rivers Gets Hurt
  92. Rivers is ready?
  94. Ask Tomlinson who he wants......
  95. Flutie effect
  96. Making Brees think his the Best
  97. Predictions involving SD QBs
  98. The time is now
  99. The deep analysis with proof: why Brees is not our man
  100. I'm tired of Fluties fans
  101. Strongest QB Arm
  102. Jeckyll and Hyde
  103. WIN!
  104. Drew Brees
  105. This Brees doesn't BLOW
  106. Brees Brees Brees
  107. the only reason he did good
  108. Cleo
  109. Think we should have waited a year?
  110. Time to trade Brees
  111. Brees still is not the man.
  112. Ye of No Faith
  113. Drew Brees nominated for fedex air player of the week.Vote here!
  114. Don't Let One Week Fool You
  115. 5 best quarterbacks ever
  116. Question to everyone
  117. A Scientific Study
  118. Brees or Rivers in 2005?
  119. Are you capable of enjoying prosperity
  120. Brees travelling where?
  121. despite tenn. brees is brees
  122. Still want to trade Brees?
  123. ReSign Brees?
  124. It's kind of looking like I told you so
  125. reported from Hacksaw...
  126. Brees Stays- How much late game time for Rivers?
  127. Rivers Trade?
  128. Trade/Cut Flutie, sign Brees for 1-2 more years, to allow Rivers to develop. Lemon as 3rd string.
  129. LEAF Sighting
  130. Want to know Brees secret?
  131. Chargers need to get SURTAIN!
  133. ITs not brees
  134. Vick vs Brees
  135. Brees around the League
  136. Its all drew's fault!!
  137. Don't player hate.....congratulate
  138. Brees to lead Big Playoff Run
  139. Would we ever Trade Rivers?
  140. Brees - Rivers
  141. Rate Drew Brees Season Performance So Far
  142. I smell a different Brees in the San Diego air
  143. Philip Rivers conference call
  144. QB`s positions future
  145. Thorn in Panthers paws
  146. does anyone think rivers will play?
  147. Brees getting some love from ESPN
  148. Drew Forgive Them
  149. OK......he's good......very good.
  150. Rivers to Germany ?
  151. Name some of the 1st round QB busts over the years
  152. Questions the Charger's front-office will need to address:
  153. Brees' bringing spark to bolts
  154. Trick or Treat
  155. A Real Halloween Treat?
  156. whatever happened to the flutie trade?
  157. way to go Brees
  158. QB question
  159. raiders....u know what they want...
  160. 106.7!! Drew's Season QB Rating!!
  161. ESPNews just now..... 10/31
  162. Srub Time ,Marty won't let off the gas
  163. River ? who ?
  164. Qualities noticed in Kool Brees
  165. Does anyone remeber my post now???? BREES STAYS IF IM GM!
  166. Forget Pro Bowl...Brees is MVP!!
  167. Can Rivers be traded??
  168. An interesting influx of rookie posters in the QB room
  169. Why not put Rivers in - Oct 31st?
  170. On Bolts next blow out!
  171. New Contract (Brees)
  172. QB ranking
  173. Is Rivers a sure thing?
  174. Drew Brees Number One Play Maker
  175. Brees #1 Playmaker
  176. Did Drew get Boo'ed???
  177. Drew Brees: top 5 candidate for MVP
  178. next year who would brees play next year?
  179. brees serving it up
  180. It's only Rivers first year
  181. Great article on Brees and Chargers
  182. tons of people in this nation saids
  183. The Draft Revisited...
  184. Brees hopefully stays in san-diego next year..
  185. If true Brees is History
  186. Winning is a Brees
  187. An item for the next CBA
  188. trade idea
  190. Brees is the next Jake Delhomme
  191. A different trade
  192. Would we ever cut Rivers?
  193. Man Drew Sucks!
  194. Drew Stays put
  195. stupid question
  196. Brees Haters
  197. Why do they even go there?
  198. Week late question but....
  199. Quote of the day
  200. ESPN Calling Brees MVP Candidate
  201. Who's a better Backup?
  202. This offseason
  203. Mr. Philip Rivers
  204. Brees a Bronco?
  205. Did Brees really mean this?
  206. Dave Dickenson
  207. Philip Rivers
  208. Rivers for MVP
  209. hypothetical
  210. Rivers on ESPN @ NC State/FL State Game
  211. Brees a lion next season
  212. Hard to be a charger fan in 02 and 03
  213. How many QB's do you know...
  214. What to do with Brees?
  215. Bree's wants to stay in san diego
  216. Do you think if Rivers had....
  217. Playing with Numbers
  218. manning gets to play QB
  219. Sports Illustrated/Brees article
  220. I Got Brees Autograph!***! w00t
  221. Brees finds out......
  222. ESPN on Brees
  223. No Timeouts AGAIN!!
  224. This is good for River fans
  225. QB-WR Combo
  226. Do you guys regret drafting Rivers?
  227. What happens if...
  228. Whats the Deal with Drew Leaving
  229. Drew Brees
  230. It is no puzzle
  231. Brees/Rivers- lets hear everyone ideal scenario
  232. How to properly eat and digest crow
  233. Does anyone know what our finances are like?
  234. Brees, Definitely a Charger Next Year?
  235. Is Brees worth keeping?
  236. We gotta try Philip out this season
  237. Good read about QB's
  238. Drew Brees a Super Charger
  239. If Drew goes down
  240. Cleo Lemon
  241. Keeping both of our QBs
  242. About Brees
  243. Lots of talk in Cowboy world
  244. Rumors of trading Rivers...
  245. Brees is now a wanted man
  246. Hey falcons fan here quick question?
  247. u know, you should listen my opion come look in this
  248. if brees gone. where he will be likely to play next year?
  249. Best QB
  250. drew brees