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  1. The Raiders Suck!
  2. This Tread Open for Texans Crow feast!
  3. too many morons
  4. Smack Talk'n Rules
  5. If or When the giants and raiders play
  6. Anyone hear about the Texans talking smack?
  8. Surprise surprise!
  9. Get ready for a woopin in week6
  10. Give LT the stinkin ball
  11. Mannings, who needs um
  12. Nice meeting the fans from here
  13. Police arrested The Green Lantern
  14. Broncos Smack Down Thread
  17. Chargers Young and Promising
  18. San Diego Super Chokers...San Diego Super Chokers...
  19. I hate to say I told you so but...
  20. Funny picture.
  21. Titans fan here
  22. Dan Dierdorf is a big fat idiot
  23. San Diego: Where talented rookie QB's go to die.
  24. L.T.'s bitter pill?
  25. Hey Guys ans Gals!
  26. Full Moon
  27. Denver hosts football school for crapy teams like san diego
  28. The team won't win again this year.
  29. IF the Choker's lose this week forget about the playoff's Bolt wads
  30. Geeeeesus I hate f'ing refs
  31. Wow, another win already? Congrats.
  32. Analysis: Real Reason SD beat the Titans
  33. You guys are the worst team ever.
  34. 1,000 Reasons Why We Hate The Chokeland Faiders
  35. So they won again. Insert sarcastic whoo-hoo! here.
  36. One time offer to all S.D. raider fans
  37. Jaguars Smack Thread. . .
  38. its gonna hurt
  39. Sorry GUys
  40. Droughns the next back in a long line of success?
  41. Congrats on a great game
  42. Smacksaw Hamilton
  43. The Overrated Falcons
  44. Atlanta Falcons 4-1
  45. Marty sucked in Kansas City and still does he'll blow the season watch he always does
  46. forget the titans, electrified pu55y cats
  47. Well you beat the women of the AFC South....
  48. Kerry Collins
  49. Atlanta is going to get crushed
  51. Charger fans you better hope this doesn't happen
  52. yall actually think yall wil kill us Sunday
  53. Gazoo's offensive game plan against Chargers
  54. New Bronco fan
  55. Vick or LT (& Brees)
  56. When The Game Is On The Line, Vick is Money!!!!
  57. db's
  58. Raiders paraphernalia stock down in San Diego
  59. Plain and simple
  60. Nice fight
  61. A sincere thank you.....
  62. congrats
  63. something you guys can appreciate as well
  64. Newest Power Poll
  65. This Sunday's Victory over the kittens
  66. Here is how the Carolina kittens will be treated
  67. Gretttings from carolina
  68. Chargers CAN beat the Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Jammer is a bum!
  70. congrats to the bolts!
  71. Bring On The Faiders!!
  72. WTG Bolts....
  73. Raider fans are so savage I can't talk trash.
  74. What made today so sweet?
  76. The Raiders can suck my "black hole"
  77. How about those 5-3 Chargers!
  78. Congrats to the Bengals!
  79. GO BOLT!!!!!!!
  80. Raider Haters
  81. Tonight is a Good Night to Bash a chat room. . . .
  82. how bad do you guys hate the raiders?
  83. Raiders Fans come here for your smack,
  85. I'm ripping it up in the Raider chat room now!!!!!
  87. Invade the Raiders Chatroom
  88. Where are all the Raider fans?
  89. Hahah, Oh wow this is good:
  90. chargervin
  91. Score prediction on Holloween
  92. KEEP Traider FANS IN CHECK!!!
  93. This is gonna be fun...
  94. the best things about our 4-3 record
  95. Raiders are gonna win Sunday...
  96. Blackout Lifted!!
  97. HA! HA! HA! I think I got kicked off of the Raiders MB
  98. Oků its official!!
  99. Let Invade Raiders Chatroom And Take Control Of It!
  100. Officiating
  101. What makes a Raider Fan?
  102. One mans opinion on Raider fans
  103. Top 10 most frightening Sports Figures
  104. The Raiders SUCK!!!
  105. Ready for the HALLOWEEN MASACURE
  106. what a dummy
  108. Only one regret about smacking the Broncos
  109. Upset Raider Fans on the 5 last night
  110. Chargers Fans are Cowards (from a fellow Charger fan)
  111. Raider Fans ...
  112. less smack
  113. Saints
  114. Bring on the Donkeys mother**********
  115. Saints...are a joke!
  116. Saints are gonna stomp you...
  117. Who`s going to get it?
  118. Break out the kevlar jerseys
  119. If i were GM of the Chargers
  120. Look at who the Saints have beaten...
  121. Please...anything but Denver as AFC Champs
  122. Go figure, the CHARGERS get rid of EDITH, and look what happens.
  123. Inside the NFL
  124. Times A Wastin
  125. Stupid things Saints fans say
  126. Please kick the Saints A$$
  127. I started eating my crows , Congrat.........
  128. AntiCharger, the bandwagon doesn't want you.
  129. Dear Saints fans.
  130. Where did all the Saints fans go?
  131. December 5th vs. the donkeys!!!!!!
  132. Can`t split the goodies this year!
  133. Let the chokeland faders smacking begin!
  134. Donkeys Might Get Wildcard
  136. Our Sched vs. Denver sched
  138. Bring it on BYE week
  139. USAF Backs the Boltz!!
  140. If your last Superbowl win......
  141. Difference between Charger fans and donkey fans...
  142. AFC West Predictions
  143. Guess the winner of the next game
  144. looking for anti raider wallpaper n stuff
  145. nothing to do with this years team but funny anyways
  146. What they have to say in Colt Land
  147. The dead skunk on top of Hacksaw's head says...
  148. @ Colts or @ Chiefs?
  149. Donkey smack shack
  150. Invade Colorodo Forums!
  151. Now I know how Raiders fans feel on Monday morning
  152. And the answer is : the Black Hole
  153. It's Friday, I'm Sick, and the CHARGERS will beat the Raiduds
  154. Sylvain Learning Center
  155. The Donkeys website
  156. Raider Bash shack
  157. Chargers beat Raiders - take AFC West Top Spot
  158. 2004 Rookie of the Year
  159. To All Denver Fans Living in the Past
  160. Denver Donkeys will finish 8-8 or 9-7
  161. The Night before the faider game and...
  162. SO! Where are you watching the Raiduds lose today?
  163. Jokeland Faders GameDay Smack Shack
  164. sorry dolts
  165. Congratulations to the Denver Bronco's
  166. Porter laid out by Godfrey.
  167. I don't know if I should say this?
  168. Bring On The Chiefs!
  169. An ugly win, but I'll take it...
  170. Remember that post..
  171. HAHA!!
  172. The cbs announcers suck
  173. Happy Thanksgiving to CHARGERS fans all across The US
  174. An examply of a Raiduh fans myopia....
  175. #20 Jerry Wilson
  176. Bring em On
  177. Funny read
  178. Pull No Punches
  179. Swiss Cheese
  180. Eleven Days
  181. You might live in Denver if ....
  182. Another Donk vs Charger thread
  183. Man you guys are taking this too seriously
  184. Broncos and Chargers...what's the difference?
  185. get the party started
  186. On a serious tip
  187. 95% of Bronco's fans are GED's
  188. Quinten Jammer Sux
  189. KC down!
  190. this sucks
  191. The Earth cant take it...........
  192. raiders need to beat the broncos
  193. Looks like we are going to see some yellow...
  195. To all the Charger haters......
  196. SOLE possesion of first place Donkey fans.....
  197. Quote of the Day
  198. Help defend your Bolts
  199. We told you so, Donkey Fans.
  200. Let's leave this for Donkey fans.
  201. Denvers Fan Poll
  202. Shut down what?
  203. glad i picked oakland, primetime killer for donkeys
  204. Chokers of the WEST (aka Bronkos)
  205. Donkey Fans feeling confident
  206. Bronco Fans - get out of SD
  207. Next weeks early Christmas present, to all of us CHARGERS fans
  208. On the 1st day of Christmas
  209. GO CHARGERS!!!
  210. Prediction - Bolts Win Big
  211. Broncos Message Board
  212. Man enough???
  213. Broncos will take the Charger by 14
  214. Att: Bandwagoners
  215. Attention Charger fans!!!!
  217. Confession
  218. This just in, San Diego Super CHARGERS win the AFC West next year too
  219. 4 DAYS AWAY!
  220. Really guys..biggest game of the year?
  221. Att: Bronco fans
  222. broncs ***** slap the bolts
  223. December 5th, 1:05 PM Pacific Time
  224. sd vs peyton
  225. donkey fans
  226. Bronco fans, players, and coaches all too quiet the past few days.
  227. I am a Bronco Fan...
  229. Denver Is Going Down
  230. Predictions?
  231. Spank the Donkeys
  232. ESPN the magazine's article on Broncos o-line...
  233. hmmmm...who is a donkey / mule
  234. Broncomania getting Pummeled
  235. Hello I am a Broncos fan
  236. Anyone find it funny...
  237. Is that rain, or is that me?
  238. i am a broncos fan
  239. How do you like us now Donkey fans???
  240. Wellll well well
  241. SD Chargers 9-3
  242. Bronco Fans GET THE **** OUT OF HERE
  244. Thank YOu BOlts
  245. Dear Mr. Plummer
  246. Thanks guys!
  247. Congrats Chargers
  248. Eight reasons to hate Brian Greasy.
  249. John Lynch is a punk *
  250. With Apologies to Old Willie