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  1. NFL AFC West: Charger and Raider predictions
  2. Eddie Kennison holding out...Chargers next?
  3. Al Davis remains in comfortable denial about Raiders.
  4. It'll be back to the basics for Shell's Raiders.
  5. 2006 Denver Broncos
  6. 2006 Kansas City Chiefs
  7. 2006 Oakland Raiders
  8. AFC West Records, Statistics & Seemingly Random Info
  9. AFC West Rumors
  10. Your AFC West Predictions
  11. What happens when you knock down the first domino?
  12. Raider fans think Chargers are "team to beat"?
  13. On a good note
  14. Raiders defensive end focusing on wins, not sacks
  15. AFC West - Jim Trotters take
  16. Chargers Over/Under 9 Wins
  17. AFC Pre-Season Predictions (Long Post)
  18. Broncos trade Lelie
  19. AFC Rankings & Predictions
  20. Is Marty a good Coach?
  21. Well, it looks like Oakland got all their victories out of the way!!!!
  22. Raiders Sign Jeff George (Then Cut Him)
  23. i love how the raider fans think
  24. Who's had the best preseason starters in AFC West?
  25. Raiders Trade Gabriel to Pats
  26. Ron Dayne cut....
  27. Monday Match ups
  28. Moss going nuts:
  29. Trent Green Down on late hit.
  30. Sweet! KC and DEN Lose!
  31. Jake "the Snack" Plummer Is Back
  32. ESPN: Trent Green likely out for next 2 weeks
  33. Mike Bell could be facing surgery
  34. Question on Porter
  35. We Are Leading The Division
  36. Porter loves oakland's loss
  37. Friends that are fans of AFCW teams
  38. Stay Classy Oakland
  39. Robert Gallery - Insult to Injury
  40. LOL @ Aaron Brooks
  41. The Broncos, are they REALLY THIS BAD?
  42. Brooks Out 2-4 Weeks
  43. Sweep Broncos and Win Division!
  44. Denver vs. New England
  45. Just how far have the raiders fallen?
  46. Is it Gallery's fault or is it their Oline Coach fault?
  47. Browns (0-3) At Raiders (0-2) Game Day Thread - 10/1/2006
  48. WHY is CBS showing us the Raiders this week AND next??
  49. First Down and a Billion by Gene Klein.
  50. Early Reads on the AFC West -
  51. Raiders are 0-4!
  52. Snow Game For Mnf??
  53. Will the Raiders ever win a game?
  54. Broncos not looking good!
  55. Did Shanahan just go Martball for a play.
  56. Broncos Release Punter Todd Sauerbraun
  57. Priority #1: AFC WEST
  58. Raider's QB Problems.
  59. Statistics: SD and DEN vs Baltimore
  60. Chargers Team Report: The Inside Slant
  61. Trade Deadline
  62. raiders roasted on rome
  63. Which is more Valuable as a Fan?
  64. Week 6 - Is This The Week?
  65. Chief Wiggum on the Raiders
  66. Raider Nation - Divided & Downtrodden
  67. Oakland At Denver, NBC Sunday Night Football
  68. Must be nice to be the Broncos.....
  69. Denver's offense is inept
  70. KC Defense
  71. And what are Chief fans talking about now?
  72. Oakland has #1 Passing Defense After 6 Weeks, Chargers #2
  73. AFC West Pictoral Standings Week 13 [updated]
  74. Here's to the Raiders winning a few
  75. Donks must lose
  76. Cheifs DT Hali talking smack!
  77. Broncos lose left tackle Lepsis for Season
  78. Chiefs might start rookie QB
  79. LJ does Herm Edwards impression
  80. AFC West, best win %
  81. Raiders At Seahawks MNF Game Night Thread! 11/06/2006
  82. Charger Game Moved
  83. donkies M*A*S*H* List growing & growing
  84. Did the raiders ruin Randy?
  85. Monday Night Football Cheap Shot: Raiders
  86. Raiders Not ready for prime time
  87. Yes...The Raiders are THAT bad...
  88. Denver Broncos At Oakland Raiders -11/12/2006
  89. Silly Donkies
  90. What the Chief fans said about our win
  91. What If?
  92. Is Rivers the Key to Dominating the Broncos?
  93. Who are the Broncos going to play without?
  94. Chiefs QB Trent Green Named Starter For Week 11
  95. Lelie wins money in dispute with Broncos
  96. If we beat the Broncos this Sunday, then we can dream of a Denver demise
  97. Oakland Raiders At Kansas City - 11/19/2006
  98. Faiders vs Chefs
  99. The Official RAIDER WEEK THREAD!
  100. Donkeys vs. Faiders in the "hate 'em" column
  101. Raiders to win this Sunday..
  102. Donks lose, get another flex game 12/3
  103. Broncos struggling to remain an AFC power
  104. Raiders RB Jordan Injured
  105. Who's going to the faider home game?
  106. Despair in Raider Forum
  107. Broncos safety Ferguson out for season
  108. Turkey Day: Chiefs or Donkeys. Who will u be rooting for????
  109. All this talk about the Raiders getting creamed so soon is creepin me out.
  110. Jay Cutler time?
  111. LT: Double Raiders O Td's
  112. Is Denver Done?
  113. Rod Smith says if he were in charge, he would fire players
  114. Broncos Are Done.
  115. some funny posts from ESPN raider board
  116. Broncos throw in the towel. Cutler to start.
  117. poor saps from Oakland
  118. holy Crap...Raiders really do suck !!
  119. Who do we hate the most in the AFC West?
  120. Who do we hate the most in the AFC West?
  121. Raider fan's were really bad today...
  122. Looks like Merriman really did ruin priest holmes for the entire 2006 season
  123. Not that they were going to get in anyways, but
  124. Faiders Fire their O Coordinator
  125. J.A. Adande: "Moss Is More Talented Than Tomlinson"
  126. -<LT Getting Some Love from Fan Rivals>-
  127. Raiders' D
  128. Raider fans not that bad at the Q!!
  129. Denver Offensive Linemen Drooling Over Opponents’ Kneecaps
  130. Go Browns and Seahawks!!!!
  131. Could Clinch Division vs. KC
  132. we officially eliminated the faiders...
  133. Is LT the Leading rusher after today???
  134. The Official i hope Denver loses the late game tonite thread...=)
  135. Cutler Not Impressing Me!
  136. Official Thanks for Starting Cutler Thread
  137. Al Wilson
  138. I love watching Denver internally combust!
  139. go ravens!
  140. What would you have done if you were Shanahan?
  141. Only the faiders...
  142. sunny,rainy,snowny,any wheather no problem 4 LT
  143. Dejected in Denver...
  144. Donks fans classier then Bills fans "so far"
  145. This Makes me HAPPY!
  146. Will Broncos Break Out The STEROIDS chant?
  147. Dear Broncos Fans, Sorry to Say......
  148. Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs - 12/10/06
  149. AFC West Champions!!
  150. Nice glimpse of your future Bronco fan.
  151. This week's Bulger: Darrent Williams
  152. Oakland Claims WR Doug Gabriel
  153. Lets not forget this!
  154. Larry Johnson: Chiefs are too predictable
  155. My Letter To Champ Bailey and why I call Him Roland now.
  156. Oakland Raiders QB Aaron Brooks: 'What Have I Got Into?'
  157. Let's watch the Chiefs fall apart like a crappy muffin.
  158. Total Division Dominance...
  159. Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders - 12/23/06
  160. faiders/chiefs - worst ever national anthem
  161. Warren Sapp Speaks Out On The Raiders
  162. Why are Bronco fans so confident?
  163. Larry Johnson wants to beat LT today
  164. Denver in OT- They lose KC IN
  165. Broncos' Darrent Williams gunned down
  166. Good luck Chargers/Chiefs
  167. Lesser of Two Evils??
  168. Gil Brandt says Raiders will win the AFC WEST
  169. Nnamdi Asomugha, Injured, Out 2 Weeks
  170. Russell Weight 290 POUNDS
  171. Big Ben a Raider??
  172. jason campbell to oakland.
  173. Raiders to cut JaFlopus Russell
  174. Jamarcus Russell released.
  175. The Raiders sign DT John Henderson
  176. Lol Al Davis
  177. Broncos think they got AFC West
  178. Russell arrested
  179. Denver oh Denver
  180. Is this a different Raiders club?
  181. Raiders Game vs Dallas
  182. Heyward-Bey: Too tired to practice
  183. Raiders Baby!
  184. Leinart to be cut
  185. Michael Bennett coming to town with the Raiders
  186. Raider HOF QB George Blanda Dead
  187. Oakland Blackout - Not just an SD issue....
  188. Oakland v. Denver
  189. We are all Radier fans next week
  190. GO RAIDERS !!! - man that sounds bad
  191. Chiefs @ Raiders
  192. Chiefs vs Raiders last week
  193. The Official Go Bronco's Gameday Thread
  194. How much does a punch cost?
  195. Kc and oak week 12
  196. Which AFC West rival do you hate the most?
  197. Broncos go all in with Tebow; Orton not happy with move
  198. Raiders @ Chiefs
  199. Raiders disconnect Cable service
  200. How can anyone be a Raider fan?
  201. Question from a Broncos fan!
  202. Former Raider Charged With Murder
  203. JaWalrus Russell
  204. Raiders lineman arrested on gun charge
  205. Cromartie to Faiders?
  206. AFC west upgrades...
  207. Zach Miller to the Seahawks
  208. Teams over the Cap
  209. Okay so let me talk to you about the Broncos...
  210. Am I the only one who finds this funny?
  211. Denarius Moore
  212. Raiders All Pro Ray Guy Bankrupt - Sells Rings
  213. Good Ol Raiders fans
  214. Terrelle Pryor going to the Raiders
  215. Lane Kiffin says it’s “almost impossible” to win with Al Davis
  216. Oakland is......
  217. NFL coming down hard on fan violence.
  218. Chiefs punter says Todd Haley thinks Josh McDaniels was cheating
  219. Chiefs' Pro Bowl S Eric Berry out for season - Was it a cheap shot?
  220. Anybody watching
  221. The AFC West race in 2011
  222. The Raiders are a threat
  223. Somebody tell Kansas City Joyner
  224. Two team race for AFCW Chargers Raiders
  225. Hue Jackson - Guarantee's AFC West Championship
  226. ESPN radio: Raiders negotiating with.....
  227. Al Davis has passed away
  228. Aaron Curry to the Raid-uhs
  229. Raiders QB Campbell breaks collarbone, could miss remainder of season
  230. Raiders trade for Carson Palmer - Give up 2 1st rounders
  231. Is a dark cloud coming over Charger land..?
  232. KC at Oak - I think KC can win this one.
  233. Answering to Raider Nation Big News Week
  234. Chiefs Coach isn't shaving till team loses
  235. Lions Kicking On Denver 31-3 in the 3rd
  236. Ouch...Marty sitting in Arrowhead with a Chiefs shirt on
  237. Remaining Schedule for AFCW
  238. Cassell needs surgery on hand
  239. Never thought I'd say this
  240. Broncos waive Orton
  241. If it can't be us, who would you like to see win the West?
  242. Chiefs release OT Gaither
  243. Raiders' McClain arrested for firing gun, assault
  244. ***(Un)Official "We need the Broncos and Raiders to lose" Thread
  245. What if.. Manning to the Chiefs?
  246. Todd Haley fired
  247. The Lucky Broncos...
  248. Jets fan beaten after win against Chiefs
  249. KC ends Packers streak !!!
  250. Win and we are in