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  1. The Official Padres Thread
  2. Official PADRES Players Appearances & Autograph Thread
  3. Welcome to the Jungle!
  4. Where's the Dodger section???
  5. Official Spring Training Game Reactions Thread
  6. Updated: 2008 Spring Training TV Schedule
  7. Padres/ Dodgers Game In China Thread
  8. Can someone sum up the '08 Padres in one paragraph 4 me???
  9. Who Do You Root For?
  10. Ex-Padre Fan Favorite to be Dodger's Savior at 3B?
  11. It's MLB Opening Day, What're your plans?
  12. Very Unofficial Astros at Pads discussion
  13. Sorry Trev...Make Bell The Closer!
  14. bullpen worries?
  15. I love baseball, but
  16. Get rid of Kevin Towers/ Hoffman
  17. Peavy cheating?
  18. Were Not In Last Anymore!!!!!!!
  19. June is make or break....
  20. Jim Edmonds 3-4, 1 HR, 3 RBI in Cub comeback
  21. Josh Banks!
  22. Time to say bye bye to OLD Trevor
  23. Prior has shoulder tear, will have season ending surgery.
  24. Adrian Gonzalez is the Man.
  25. I Sure Wish We Had a Jose Reyes
  26. Here it Goes................
  27. Where was Khalil?
  28. Reconsidering Khalil Greene's position on the team
  29. Adrain Gonzalez on Rome!!!!
  30. Headley is on his way up...
  31. Matt Vasgersian announcing the Dodgers game
  32. Hoffman blows it.... again
  33. Come on!!!
  34. The Official Fire Kevin Towers Thread
  35. the padres midterm grade...F
  36. Vote For Adrian Gonzalez!
  37. NL West - Striving for mediocrity
  38. I Am Lovin The New Look Padres!
  39. Any chance the Padres makes the playoff this season?
  40. The official "Padres have no chance" thread
  41. What deals will Padres make before trade dealine?
  42. Trade Jake.
  43. Why hasn't Bud Black thrown a tirade like the other coaches
  44. Wolf traded to Astros
  45. Khalil Greene - Fractured Hand
  46. Source: Manny traded to Dodgers
  47. Nick Hundley
  48. Manny Ramirez more exciting than the whole padre team!
  49. Nice Article on Adrian and Edgar
  50. giles going to BoSox?
  51. Worst Padre Team Ever
  52. Maddux Traded to Dodgers
  53. Jody Gerut deserves to start in '09
  54. Padres already done in 09
  55. Padres won't raise ticket prices next season
  56. Why are some San Diegans unhappy with Petco Park?
  57. 2009 Padres schedule
  58. 100 loss season?
  59. Pads Rookie Hazing Photo
  60. I'm glad we arent the Mets
  61. oh.....my....damn
  62. Trade Rumors swirling about Peavy
  63. Padres are up for sale
  64. Dodgers are trying to sign Manny!
  65. Matt Vasgersian Leaves Padres for New Job
  66. First Peavy now Greene is on the Trading Block
  67. Adrian wins the Gold Glove
  68. Goodbye Hoffy
  69. Peace Out Khalil
  70. Im done with the Padres..
  71. Greg Maddux to retire
  72. Where's the Motivation?
  73. I have alot of Padres stuff for sale
  74. Brian Giles - Beater? Or being swindled by fiance'
  75. D-Backs CEO wants to buy Padres
  76. What needs to be done to make Padres like the Chargers?
  77. MLB Network
  78. Trevor Hoffman tribute site is up
  79. Reality Sets In For Me
  80. Former Padres Manager Preston Gomez - RIP
  81. David Eckstein a Padre?
  82. Khalil Green And His Hand
  83. Which Site Do You Prefer?
  84. Padres Sign Blanco as backup C
  85. Who's taking Vasgersians spot?
  86. Moorad agrees to buy the PADRES!!!!!
  87. Padres sign Cliff Floyd
  88. 2009 World Baseball Classic
  89. Where is the Giants section????
  90. Friars add another to already overcrowded OF
  91. Code Of Silence And Players
  92. Heath Bells new role
  93. 2009 Padres/schedule
  94. Manny signs with Dodgers.....
  95. Honestly...
  96. Shawn Hill signs with the Padres
  97. Padres and Beach Boys Doubleheader
  98. the new QB in town
  99. Anyone going to see Stras @ Petco today?
  100. Padres. Opening Day. Pffftttt.
  101. The Mets?
  102. San Diego Pad Squad
  103. Padre Highlites (Post Your Video's)
  104. Heath Bell article...very good read!!!
  105. This years team
  106. Anyone Catch Heater on JRIB yesterday?
  107. Peavy to the White Sox deal done pending his approval
  108. Padres Acquire T Gwynn Jr. for Gerut
  109. 1984 Padres Vs. Braves (The Brawl To Settle It All)
  110. Official PADRES Players Appearances & Autograph Thread # 2
  111. 10 in a row!!!
  112. Looking for a Padres Message Board
  113. Vote for Adrian!!!
  114. Padres should do whatever it takes to get Strasburg!
  115. PADRES: many a fan are done with you after Draft
  116. The Padres are like last year's Chargers.....
  117. Padres:1984 Season 25th Year Anniversary DVD
  118. Go Storm!! (AAA Padres Team)
  119. Matt Bush arrested Again!!!!!!!!!!!
  120. Gonzalez and Bell are going to St. Louis
  121. Hairston traded to the A's
  122. Padres Give Us Another Fabulous Season <<(sarcasm)
  123. Did the Padres just get no hit??
  124. Props to Heath Bell
  125. Padres Games Streaming
  126. Gonzo to the Dodgers!?!??!?!
  127. Jake Peavy to the White Sox
  128. Mat Latos - Bright Spot 09
  129. Can we just sell the Padres and take their Stadium?
  130. Padres sign Tate
  131. Strasburg signs
  132. Kyle Blanks
  133. Padres need to sign....
  134. Pads offense outside of PETCO
  135. HUGE clutch performance by heath bell tonight
  136. trevor hoffman and heath bell
  137. Looking up?
  138. Towers might be done with the friars
  139. Hall of Fame wants a Padres Glove
  140. If Pads ownership and upper management would just STOP...
  141. Where is the Angel section?!?!???
  142. Tony Gwynn figure...
  143. Padres leaning towards Hoyer as new GM
  144. World Series Prediction Thread
  145. Our staff ace returns!
  146. Colorado Rockies are Awesome Thread
  147. Mark McGuire Admits Steroid Use
  148. Spring Training Against Los Dojers
  149. The BRoBI will still be in effect
  150. padres sign jon garland
  151. Padres 2010
  152. Padres Close to Deal with Torrealba
  153. most hated padres ever!!!
  154. Super Sick over the Padres
  155. Im Selling/Give away all my Padres Stuff...
  156. Successful Season
  157. we almost got griffey jr????
  158. The Greatest Baseball Movie Of All Time
  159. most hated dodger ever!!!
  160. Philip Rivers first pitch on Monday?!?!?
  161. Beerfest at Petco with Broken Lizard (Beerfest, Supertroopers, etc.)
  162. Gonzo anyone??
  163. Tailgate Park parking
  164. Padres Baseball Song
  165. F this umpire
  166. Kevin Correia's brother passes away
  167. Jerry Hairston
  168. our triple-a team in san marcos?
  169. The Tenth Inning
  170. Trevor Hoffman (Time To Retire)
  171. Stephen Strasburg
  172. 2010 MLB draft
  173. The Batting Stance Guy
  174. Padres Uniforms
  175. 51 vs 19
  176. Am I a bandwagon fan?
  177. Heath Bell Trade Value
  178. Padres Bobbleheads
  179. Jose Canseco To Beat Up Old Man...Or Try At Least
  180. Padres Gameday Chat Room
  181. All Star Snubs
  182. The Ultimate Perfect Game
  183. Wich do you prefer?
  184. Jake Peavy Heads For Surgery
  185. George Steinbrenner (July 4, 1930 July 13, 2010)
  186. onion: padres grounds crew dims stadium's lights for romantic night game
  187. World Series 2010: Padres Vs.
  188. Giants 2010
  189. anyone going to the padres dodgers game in L.A on the 3rd?
  190. (Article) Leach: Friars a force to be reckoned with
  191. Tickets for Sunday Aug 29th
  192. Draft picks signed???
  193. Roger Clemens to be indicted
  194. Padre Dugout Hoodie
  195. Little League World Series 2010
  196. Dodgers fan kudos to the Padres
  197. Padres Game Tonight Vs Cubs
  198. Gonzalez talks about playing...IN CHICAGO!?!?
  199. Buy (any) admission ticket too Padres get the 2nd one for 1$
  200. Padres Scenerios' for playoffs
  201. Eckstein as Example
  202. OK! Season over! I can't say it's been pleasent!
  203. How does Wildcard look?
  204. How about dem Philies?
  205. Padres Are Tied For The WildCard! 1 Game Back From Giants!
  206. Come Chat for Today's Games
  207. A Thank You Note to the 2010 San Diego Padres
  208. Tony Gwynn Fights Cancer
  209. Bell named 2010 MLB Delivery Man of the Year
  210. NLCS / ALCS / World Series 2010 Thread
  211. How much longer until baseball begins?
  212. Baseball died tonight
  213. Padres 2011
  214. Yo Adrian
  215. Baseball is a Crime
  216. "We can't afford this player"
  217. Bob Feller (1918 - 2010)
  218. Article on Unfairness of the Current Baseball System
  219. Get to say it couple weeks early...
  220. yahoo sports: padres' new camouflage jerseys could prove to be too realistic
  221. New alternate home hat for camo jerseys?!?!?!!!!!
  222. Baseball vs Football
  223. Padres 2011 Season Preview
  224. Ray Kroc Addresses San Diego Crowd
  225. Bell=Class Act
  226. Make your 2011 Padres Predictions
  227. Dodger Fans at it again
  228. Adrian Gonzales and red sox 0-3 start...
  229. MLB is taking over the Dodgers
  230. Dick Williams (1929-2011)
  231. Fan Falls To Death At Rangers Game
  232. Padres 2012
  233. Wilson Ramos
  234. Greg Halman
  235. Mat Latos traded to the Reds
  236. Rizzo traded to the Cubs
  237. Tony Gwynn having mouth surgery
  238. Magic Johnsons Investment Group Buys The Dodgers
  239. O'Malleys as owners?
  240. Padres should sign this kid......
  241. The Red scare
  242. Sale Of San Diego Padres Imminent
  243. Sad day in Padre Land...
  244. O'Malley and Phil Mickelson New Padres Owners
  245. MLB owners approve sale of Padres
  246. Adrian Gonzalez On Waivers
  247. Why this time is diferent
  248. Yasmani Grandal Suspended
  249. Football at Petco - SDSU and other games - lets do it!
  250. RIP Enzo Hernandez