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09-09-2004, 07:25 AM
Heya everyone.

Just found the site =)

I work in Spring Hill, south of Nashville. Looking forward to another season following our bolts.

09-24-2004, 08:25 AM
Hey snajones -- you are not alone! There are a couple of Bolts fans here in Nashville. We watch every snap, if you ever care to hook up. In fact, depending on your age and athleticism, you might be interested to know that we almost always have a pretty wicked game of touch football in the Sunday AM's, prior to watching our beloved Chargers.

Just in case you're interested!

08-11-2005, 09:31 AM
Just moved from SD, CA to Nashville and desperately seeking fellow Chargers fans to watch games with - hopefully there is a good bar out here that lets us watch the games? My husband really needs to find fellow Bolts fans in the land of Big Orange and Titan Blue!

08-11-2005, 09:32 AM
Please - let us know where you are!

08-16-2005, 08:59 AM
Well I am a bit South - Columbia, TN - we do Flag Football saturday morning =)

10-11-2005, 01:25 PM
Hey all! Love the Chargers, living in Thompsons Station. Just moved here from Oregon.

If you haven't noticed, LOVE IGOR OLSHANSKY!!! Have watched him play all through college and now his years with the Chargers. Even saw him play in high school once.

05-03-2007, 07:06 PM
It's not Nashville, but its close enough. Can't wait to get a chance to buy a ticket to see the Bolts light up the Titans 9Dec07!:Bolt:

05-14-2007, 10:06 AM
I live in Florida full-time, but recently purchased some property in Tennessee for a vacation retreat. It's in the Lexington/Jackson area (near Cedar Grove, actually, but that's such a small town that I figured I should refence the larger towns nearby).

I'm looking forward to spending some time in Tennesse --- actually, I'd probably choose to move there full-time, but the wife loves the beach, the warm weather & the Florida sunshine!

No matter where I might roam, the Chargers will ALWAYS be my team! GO BOLTS!!!:LightsOut:

05-14-2007, 11:35 AM
Well i dont live to far from San Diego I live in Long Beach Thats about an hour and a half away

05-15-2007, 08:07 AM
I'm not in TN, but I'm in Birmingham, which is closer to TN than San Diego, obviously. I have some friends in Nashville and we already bought our tickets to the Chargers v. Titans game on Dec. 9. It should be a great time!

little bolt
07-06-2007, 12:54 AM
I'm bringing my boy to Nashville in December to see his Chargers thump the home team. He's the true little bolt. Were acually from Cincinnati and I am a Bengals season ticket holder but dont hold that against me. I want him to have a good time and was hoping to find a place the night before the game that Charger fans may be hanging out. A kid friendly sports bar would be nice

07-06-2007, 06:26 PM
My folks are up from around Martin, TN area and not too far from Reelfoot Lake near the Missouri line. Living in Clayton, NC now.

Rock on Tennessee.

07-09-2007, 12:14 PM
I know a buncha people going to this game. Let me know the details so I can pass them on to make a bigger charger party.

07-10-2007, 08:11 PM
I am one of the few people that forget the the Titans are in Nashville. In my world it is all Chargers. We have been season ticket holders for the last 3 years (this is our fourth). Probably won't get to many games this year though, now that we live in Franklin. There are three of us that watch every snap: me, my dad and my brother-in-law. Feel free to email me if you want to get together on sundays. We will probably be getting the DirecTV package this year (instead of going to the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs).

email at andyljohnson dot com

Go Chargers!!!

07-24-2007, 01:58 PM
Hey as you could probably tell from my username I am in Memphis. I just got a ticket to the Titan-Bolts game. It is crazy you can only get one seat and nothing together. My sister lives and works in Nashville and said she might be able to get here hands on some tickets but I wanted to have a back up plan.

I am sure they will be more posted as the season, left alone the game, gets closer to kicking off but I wanted to say that I am looking for some Charger fans to hang with for some Pre and hopefully some Post game festivities.

09-20-2008, 09:01 AM
Is anyone still in the Nashville area that wants to watch the game??? If so, let me know. I'm looking to watch them with some fellow fans.