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09-09-2004, 11:19 AM
The interview will be done at noon and will air tonight on NFL Total Access at 7 p.m.

4 p.m. (west coast) -- NFL Total Access - Hosted by Rich Eisen with analyst Lincoln Kennedy, the signature show of NFL Network is uniquely structured to see the game through the participants’ eyes. Each of the teams is featured using special cameras equipped at all 32 facilities. The result is never seen before footage, exclusive interviews and inside access with the biggest names in the NFL. Total Access covers all the news from the 2004 Kickoff game of the Patriots vs. the Colts as well as the Week 1 action to come.

09-09-2004, 05:35 PM
LT on Chargers cam 9/9/04 in case you missed it:

Derrin Horton: And we now fire up Chargers cam for the player, The Sporting News calls “the best player in the NFL today” -- LaDanian Tomlinson. Hey LT how you doing?

LaDanian Tomlinson: I’m doing good, how you doing?

DH: Not bad, not bad.. How was the walk through this morning? You guys getting ready for Houston, right?

LT: Oh yeah, the walk through was good. You know, just had a little lunch and now we’re getting prepared for practice.

DH: Let’s talk about the subject down in San Diego that a lot of people have been talking about and that’s that quarterback battle between Philip Rivers and Drew Brees. How did you see it playing out and do you think the right decision was made?

LT: Yeah, I think Phillip came into camp a little late to really compete with Drew. Obviously Drew had a heads up, he’s been in the offense for a couple years now so Drew looked really good in preseason and Philip just came in too late to even compete. So I think the right decision was made to go with Drew.

DH: As a veteran player who’s trying to win, were you comforted by the fact that you’re going to have a quarterback back there that’s somewhat experienced?

LT: Absolutely. You know, we all look very high on Drew. We know what he can do, he’s a great quarterback and he’s going to prove to a lot of people the things he can do in this league. So yeah, we are happy with that. He’s experienced, obviously he’s been through growing pains so he knows exactly what to expect.

DH: Hey LT, you made the Pro Bowl in 2002 and then last year you had one of the greatest seasons for any running back in the history of this league and you don’t make the Pro Bowl. Did that fuel you coming into this year?

LT: Well, just in the off season. I used that as motivation to push me in the off season to be able to work harder you know, and prepare my game for this season. When we got to training camp, I blocked that stuff out of my mind to just focus on winning this year.

DH: Over 1,000 yards on the ground, over 100 catches--how hard do you work on the different skills of the game?

LT: I work very hard. You know, at the end of the season, I always go back and watch film and break down everything I did well, everything I didn’t do well. And I go back and work on it in the off season.

DH: You know, last year everybody saw what the Carolina Panthers did. Nobody picked them at the beginning of last season. There’s not many prognosticators out there that like the Chargers to reach the Super Bowl, do you guys talk about that as a team and say, “hey we can be the next team that breaks through and surprises people”?

LT: No we don’t at all. You know, we just try to focus on ourselves. We understand that if we take care of our own business, we’ll be able to win games.

DH: Hey LT, do you realize that all over America people are having their fantasy drafts and that you’re likely the no. 1 player that they’re picking?

LT: Not really, but that’s nice to know and hopefully I can live up to a lot of expectations of a lot of people around there want me to have for them.

DH: Tell me about tonight’s game. You know the NFL’s opening the season tonight: the Colts taking on the Patriots. Who do you like in that game and why?

LT: Oh man, that’s going to be a hard game to call. You know, ultimately I think it’s going to come down to defense. Both of those teams have very good offenses and I think the team that plays the best on defense will win the game, but I can’t tell who’s going to win the game, I’m not sure.

DH: Well, LaDanian Tomlinson, good luck. You guys open the season against the Houston Texans. We thank you very much for taking the time, and good luck this weekend in the opener for you.

LT: Thank you.

DH: Thanks a lot LT.

09-09-2004, 05:56 PM
THANKS!!!! I missed it and didn't get to watch i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif

Looks like a good interview. He's a class act - one of the best players in the league and doesn't brag like players such as T.O. and Portis.