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09-14-2004, 11:56 PM
I was thinking at work today and I hought I would throw my idea out here.

Are there any cool Charger fans out there whom live outside of the Blackout Area and are willing to host a Charger Road Trip?

I would love to get a few Charger Fans together and road trip up to wherever you live, us Road Tripers could buy all the food and Alcohol, you provide the TV and Chargers game and everyone wins.

Well I first need an Ultra Cool Chargers Fan who doesnt mind opening up their house to a few fellow Charger fans. Like I said we could supply all the muchies and beer.

09-15-2004, 04:15 AM
GREAT idea follow through with it ....

I had my first away trip to Miami for the JETS game an its been 9 years now that I have not missed that game...in addition I have been to a lot of stadiums...trying to hit them all. This will be my first time in your haus...I did Candlestick, Oakland (3 times) in the Black hole with JET gear on..the worst fans EVER..NO RESPECT...Houston Gillette stadium had the most POLITE fans EVER...even after we spanked them the fans turned an shook our hands an said good game.,..I was shocked an said ya know you LOST?...kiddin..they were so nice and friendly...Heinz field was the nicest stadium I have visited....except those ugly yellow seats...

Patsie land was even nice to us...the stadium is SO BIG....I sat all the way on top, this year I will be in Foxboro 50 yrd line..can't wait for that game in OCT....but anyway if you get in touch with some travel agencies they run specials...

Our trip out to Diego for 5 days 4 nites...air an hotel was only $600 per person.
Our Miami 5 days 4 nites air hotel (on the ocean)...$410 per person

So its worth gettin a group together for the rates....BEST experience ever...if you decide to come to an EAST coast game at our haus...stop by 16H....best tailgate ever!i/expressions/lips.gif