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09-16-2004, 12:09 PM
I want Tagliabue to change that stupid rule regarding blacked out games if they aren't sold out. Honestly that rule makes NO sense to me. Wouldn't the NFL and the networks pull in more money if they aired all games, sold out or not? To me it's like a slap in the face, I mean $45 a ticked is allot of money for some people. Or maybe it's Spanos that's creating the problem by hiking up ticket prices. If tickets were more affordable $25-30 range I think we'd sell out more games. The Chargers stand to make more money if they lowered ticket prices because they would end up selling more tickets.
Tagliabue is wrong and so is Alex Spanos. I mean the product that's been put on the field the last 10 years really never justifies the price for tickets. If Spanos wants to sell some tickets this is what needs to happen...

1) Either go back to Powder Blue or all navy blues. This team needs a new image to erase the image of old.

2) Lower ticket prices. I noticed Spanos donates a boat load of money every year. Maybe he should give some of it back to the fans since we are the ones that have always supporting this team through all of it's losing seasons. Take care of the people who support the team. Then when the time comes for a new stadium on the ballot Spanos will have our support.

3) Commit ourselves to having 1 coach for the next 10 years to ensure we have stability on this team. No more of this changing coaches every 3 years. Our team needs some consistency in the front office.

4) Commit ourselves to having 1 quarterback for the next 10 years to ensure we have stability on this team. No more of this changing quarterbacks every 3 years. It takes 4-5 years to develop a quarterback that you can depend on in the clutch.

5) Move training camp back to UCSD. Carson sucks.

6) Get rid of Brian Shottenheimer (Quarterback coach) The only teams he's ever coached for are Washington Redskins (1yr) & the Chargers. Why? Because his daddy got him the job. He never earned it. Maybe Drew could have been a more accurate passer if he studied under a more qualified QB coach. We need someone who knows how to really coach or who's actually proven themselves as a leader at quarterback. Doug Flutie comes to mind.

7) Bring Junior Seau back. The Chargers would benefit with him at the helm as the linebackers coach. The worst thing the Chargers ever did was trade Seau. He deserved to retire a Charger with everything he sacrificed for our team.

If Spanos did all of these things I think he would be given the keys to our city. However as stubborn and proud as the man is I'm sure he will never listen to "The Fans"

09-16-2004, 12:24 PM
Well, if he was to do all the things you suggest, you would be happy. And maybe some other people would be happy too. But in general, it would just create another whole bunch of messes to try to clean up.

While your post has some good points, it also shows that you really donít understand how things in the NFL work.

I will fully agree that the NFL blackout rules are outdated and counterproductive at this point in time. They were developed in the 60ís when much more of a teamís revenue depended on ticket sales. The teams would in fact, make more money if the blackout rule were abolished.

Would you suggest that we keep the same coach for ten years if he is terrible? Consistently terrible is better than inconsistently good?

The same quarterback for ten years, maybe if PR is good that will happen, but there are very, very few quarterbacks that are good for ten years, even five years is rare nowadays.

You are totally right about the QB coach, that is a sad, sad joke. Iíd love to see Flutie do it after this year. Iíd also love to see Junior come back as a coach. But realistically, both would need to learn how to coach, being a great player and a great coach are two different things. I think that both could do it with some time.

Go Bolts!
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09-16-2004, 12:47 PM
I agree that the Chargers should go back to the powder blues.

I think Junior was worn out, physically, and I wasn't too upset to see him leave. As a coach he might be
good, though. You can't question his leadership ability, and his energy was certainly contagious.

I'd like to see the Chargers stick with Brees for the full season, and not just yank him as soon as he throws a
couple of interceptions.


Bob Eccles

09-16-2004, 12:51 PM
You are right I'm not really up with the way the NFL works however I'm a huge fan of this team.
I think that this team definately needs to shed that negative energy that has affected it in recent years.
Part of it was addressed in the release of some players in the offseason however the team could use an additional spark. Like going back the powder blues and new QB coach. I know that this season they have a good shot at 8-8. It's a tough schedule but if our D gels early there will be many turnovers and less losses.


09-16-2004, 01:10 PM
Hey yodafro, Thanks for your passion for the Bolts. I can tell you want us to succeed. So you and the ownership are not that far apart.

When the Ticket guarantee was in effect people complained how much the City was spending. Now that that the ticket guarantee is gone and fans like you are now upset. Basically we have to put a winning team on the field to make everyone happy.

on Powder Blue or all navy blues:

Itís not that easy. You canít just change the uniform. It takes petitioning the league office. Tell you the truth itís like the above. Some people like what we have now so they might feel as strong as you do if we change. Anyways, the jersey is the not as important as putting a winning team on the field and thatís what we are focused on.

on Lower ticket prices:

We have one of the lowest ticket prices in the league.

on of this changing coaches every 3 years.

I think thatís what they are trying to do.

on Commit ourselves to having 1 quarterback for the next 10 years

I think thatís what they are trying to do.

on training camp:

I think the ownership has heard you load and clear. I do know they have a 3 more years on the Carson contract.

I donít want this forum to be a place to bash the Spanos. They have been very good to me and allowed me to go live with these message boards. The thread will be locked. I donít want this to get out of hand. And for the most part most of your concerns have been discussed many times and will continue to be discussed on this forum. If you want the ownership to read what you have to say send them a letter directly.

Dean Spanos
4020 Murphy Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92123

Again thanks for your passion.