View Full Version : I'm not a Brees hater, but a realist

09-27-2004, 08:38 AM
maybe drew doesnt have great protection. of course im not putting all the blame on him. however we have two qb's on our roster that wouldve connected on at least one wide open td. take your pick parker or dwight either one wouldve been complete with ease with an accurate arm. im very unhappy as usual with my bolts play along with brees. how can you say our dline and linebackers are poor with the level of execution vs. the run this week. take a look at the progress of our young d theyre coming along nicely. however when they do make a stop we cant take advantage on an easy six TWICE! im not saying brees has unlimited protection all game long but he had enough time to overthrow dwight and misthrow parker and if rivers wouldnt have connected theres no reason any team would draft him. i welcome rivers first start prefferably sooner rather than later. he would have put 14 more points on the board this week than brees did!