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09-27-2004, 06:14 PM
I can't belive in some of the threads in here.most of them are about how Drew sucks! I remember a while back over 90% of the people in here were Breez fans and saying why did we use our 1st pick on a QB, only if he had a line to block for him or a real reciver to throw too.I heard it thread after thread,Breez went 8-8 his first year starting then the line went down and had a bad year then to comeback this year during pre season and shred up the league and more praise came.THEN! one bad game the first week and all the the people who were praising are now throwing stones.SECOND game does realy good and same old stuff, if we could just get him an O-lone and some recivers,NOW another bad week and people are crakin jokes and throwing him out the door.As a long tome chargers fan you take the good with the bad and obviously we have had alot of bad but that's what sperates the true fans from the fairweather fans who just want to cry.I have my bad days too but if I'm going to blame anyone I go straight to the top, I said it before I'll say it again.We can only be as good as our owner let's us,if he doesn't want to pay we'll never have our day!

09-27-2004, 07:38 PM
Shocku, that bull. This team bumps up against the salary cap every year. If you said they made some bad decisions about how to spend, I'd buy that, but saying they don't pay is way wrong.

09-27-2004, 07:40 PM
I have to agree with you about being as good as the owner lets us. My family have been Charger fans ever since we moved to San Diego in '79, and have felt completely beat up with how the team is managed. It's really sad.

09-27-2004, 07:59 PM
It's not bull chargeroo, why have we had problems signing top draft picks every year.We are the only Nfl team natorius for this.If we are hitting the cap than it's obviously not beeing distributed in the right area's then.By the way, why would you move this thread? This is not smack but simple general observation threw time that I have witnessed?