View Full Version : the best things about our 4-3 record

10-29-2004, 02:26 PM
We've played good or average teams in every game. Our team is young. Our o-line is playing well. The best thing about our record is how we've done it. WITHOUT LADANIAN!!! If you are a real Charger fan, then you know that LT is not 100%. But when he comes back into our lineup at 100%, he won't have to win the games for us all by himself. Brees and Gates are playing unbelievably well and our play-calling has been great. We are actually blitzing on defense to cause pressure (something we never did last year). Our linebackers are good, our secondary is improving, and no one is really able to run the ball effectively on us. Our team is young and Marty's coaching great!!! I can't wait until Sunday, but the real game is when the Broncos and their ankle-breaking, cheap offensive line comes to town. I don't know if you guys realize that the Broncos o-line has been doing it for years...remember the Broncos
o-line taking out Jamal Williams for the season 2 years ago when we were trying to make a run for the playoffs. This is the dirtiest team in the NFL and they've been doing crap like this for years. I can't believe Shanahan had the nerve to defend his players. That o-line has increased my hatred for the donkeys. I hate that team more than the Raiders! The Raiders fans are annoying, but the Broncos player's are just plain dirty. I can't wait to play the Broncos @ home. We should send Steve Foley around the end to give Jake the fake a nice cheapshot to end his career after the play, but then again we don't play as dirty as those underachieving donkeys.