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01-19-2005, 11:54 PM
Well, anyone like snow?

This weekend's conference championship games in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) are expected to be played in a snowstorm.

Here are the Weather Channel's weekend forecasts for both cities:

(click on the links)

Morning Game (Philadelphia) (http://www.weather.com/activities/other/other/weather/weekend.html?locid=USPA1276)

Afternoon Game (Pittsburgh) (http://www.weather.com/activities/other/other/weather/weekend.html?locid=USPA1290)

New England should have an easier time playing in Pittsburgh than Atlanta will in Philadelphia.

I originally thought Atlanta would beat Philly, but with the impending snowstorm, I think the cold snowy weather will neutralize Vick's running.

Big advantage to Philadelphia.

New England, already having played in the snow versus Indy, will face more of the same in Pittsburgh.

I think New England has an excellent shot at beating Pittsburgh.

Therefore, my Super Bowl prediction is:

New England versus Philadelphia.

I think New England wins the SB, 28 - 21.