View Full Version : Here comes San Diego!

02-06-2005, 01:04 AM
For all of us true die hard charger fans, we are finally on the rise and there is no turning back. I say this with great confidence no matter what anyone else tries to say. Are there any true believers out there that our chargers will be an elite team going foward with our young, developing & confident team? I sure do, and I hope all you real bolt fans feel the same way I do. Just look at what we did this past season! Nobody gave us a chance, and if you really paid attention like I did, San Diego could of easily had a record of 15-1 , the only game we really lost was in Denver. The other three games (Falcons, Jets, Colts) we had the chance to win and should have won those games, don't you agree die hard charger fans? My heart was broken with the loss @ the Colts, but it was a lot more painful losing that first home playoff game to the Jets, God that hurt. Till this day I can't get over that nightmare losing in over time when we had the chance to win it with what looked like an easy field goal. But like everyone is saying, don't blame the young kid Nate, blame Marty! He played to safe on that last drive we had going, and you know the rest. For all of you die hard Charger fans, please let me know if you agree with what I had to say today and if you also agree and feel in your heart that we will be back in the playoffs next season as a stronger team. I honestly think our Chargers have the potential to make it to the Super Bowl within the next few years, maybe even next season, why not? So move over Patriots, the Bolts will be the next rulers of the AFC.