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07-06-2005, 03:42 PM
I have a few questions
1.How does the draft work?
2.When should I expect LT to fall of the board
3. Who should I draft?
4. How do I know what draft chocie i have?

07-06-2005, 05:03 PM
1. if its a live draft you have to be there and select the players yourself like the regular nfl draft works, if its an automated draft you set up a draft board per position and tell it which rounds to draft which players or you have your top 100 or so overall and it will draft your highest ranked player. check your league info and it should let you know more about it.

2. #1 no lower than #2, but #1 in most leagues

3. a lot of places that you play fantasy through will have a board set up to help you out they are ranked with their order but you can change it if you like, go with players that were good last year, have been good for a few years, and have a high chance of success next year (supporting cast, oline, qb, etc). try to stay away from players that you just really like but arent that great because they wont make for a good fantasy team. i would also try and stay away from players on teams that you dont want to root for (ex: i had rich gannon during his mvp year) it just makes it hard because you want the player to do well but you dont want the team to which usually doesnt work. if you draft a player who is somewhat injury prone, try to draft their backup in a later round or use them only as a backup. also if think about the system that the team uses; the #3 or #4 receiver from a run-heavy team wont get you good numbers but a #3 or #4 from a team like the colts or rams will get you at least decent stats, or if a team uses lots of 2 rb sets or an rb splits carries with another back you might not want to draft them.

4. most drafts snake in order (the #1 in the first round will be last in the second and then back to #1 in the third) and the order should be somewhere on your league homepage and if its not you can email the commish to find out or just wait until draft day to see it.

07-07-2005, 07:37 PM
If LT is not gone by the 2nd pick your league is seriously going to have messed up owners.