View Full Version : Identity Theft.....!

07-27-2005, 01:03 PM
Hey guys I just recently got someone trying to use my credit for a SBC phone company... I recently checked my credit score and noticed that it drop 100 points from 744 i was like what!?!?... so i did a credit report check and notice that it said i owed 1,035 for unpaid phone bills i was pissed... So i called up the credit company and told them the situation and also SBC. SBC cancelled the account and I didnt have to owe any of the balance. However, they said that they will contact the credit companies and tell them the situation but they said its on there part to raise my credit score back. I talk to the credit company they said as long as SBC contacts us they "might" raise it back up... it wasnt a for sure thing.... but I was like u guys better raise it back up... Has anyone been in a similar situation?