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09-27-2005, 09:00 PM
Di anyone happen to read the "baseball" column in Sunday's "Union Tribune"?
Now, I realize,most of you may have had "other interests" on Sunday night, can you say (or can "i say0 Eli Manning? which I don't understand all this, um dislike. No big deal to me. Elway did the same thing and the dude did not want to play for the Chargers, simple. Big frecking deal. So what? The Chargers should have drafted Rivers in the first place; but what the heck do i know? I'm writting about a baseball column on a football site for Criss sakes.)
But, basicaly, Phil Nevin was a cancer to the Padres. He said pretty "unkind' things about Petco; and come on, which one of us has not saisd
the same thing when that long shot to deep left center, with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the ninth to earn a win, "dies" just at the base of the
Geeus, I have more times then I have not, ..."man, that thing would have been out at Qualcomm..."
But I digress.
The article says that, what it came down to, was the Padres' basicaly gave Nevin away after nevin failed to approve a trade to the Baltimore Orioles in July, for pitcher Sidney Ponson; a pitcher who has trouble with numbers---like weight, blood alchol per cent, oops, sorry, should have been "Wins-loses and ERA", that, too.
The Tribune, went on to say, that the Padres "dumped" Nevin on the Texas Rangers for Chan Ho Park, who dollar for dollar is the worst pitcher in baseball.
(Never mind my opinion on "DL Park", I've "trolled" the Rangers' site asking the same questions for about three years, now and those fans have no idea, what happened to "DL" Park. Never mind he gave up numbers 70 and 71 to Barry Bonds. Park is just plain not a "quality" Major League pitcher; while a Dodger he had other pitchers to "lean" on so the reporters were never really aware of his shortcomings. How about two, count 'em, two "grand Slam Home runs" to the SAME BATTER in the same inning of the same game? The Cardinals' lite hitting infielder Fernondo Titus, who by the way, used to earn a pay check from the Rangers).
Again I digress.
Once Nevin arrived in Texas he proceded to "set the League on fire" by going something like 0 for 25. He has made only one start since and is not hitting his weight and I'm not sure he has homered yet. (I only mention that because the Rangers were in Anaheim the week of September 23 and I wanted to see Nevin play, again. WRONG. Nevin was visable, all right. Standing in the dugout and talking to teammates and showing no interest in the game.
The Tribune says that Rangers' manager Buck Showalter,has said that Nevin will be the full time DH next season for the Rangers. That rookie Adrine Gonzales is doing that job for Texas to interest teams in a possible trade.
OK. Nevin has no idea why he isn't playing, according to the Tribune, but wants to return to Texas next season.
If he says so.
The whole idea behind this post is to point out how a "first round draft pick" like Phil Nevin has fallen from grace so quickley;well not that quicley.
Nevin was "persona non gratta" this person in SD for his attitude toward Petco, but I ask why Nevin and not Ryan Klesko? who has never had the type of season he was "projrcted to have?'
Just two reasons why the Padres may blow the West Division lead.
The club has not hit all season and in July decides Nevin is the reason.
In comes "DL" Park who gets shelled in his first start, and is so imressive he no longer starts.
Point: it seems the Padres were just desperate to rid thenselfs of nevin, whom the Houston Astros sent packing in the '90's when Nevin was sent back to Triple A.
According to the article, Nevin says he "loves the Padres" and is rooting for them.
Nevin is a free aGENT THIS WINTER and it was hinted that Nevin might try to resign with the Padres.
Just what they need; a troublemaker,according to the team, and a burned out pitcher .
Nice move, Towers. Here we go al, over again.