View Full Version : You Know You're Gett'in Old When....

11-17-2005, 09:21 AM
1. You have to shave your ears.

2. You get the senior discount without asking.

3. You're with your kid and you run into some of his friends and they ask him " Hey!, where did you find the " old dude? ".

4. The bathroom keeps getting further away.

After misplaceing your lighter ( or glasses ) for the 10th time that day, you, for the first time, seriously consider the possibility of poltergeists or other dimensions.

5. The head shop you used to go to all the time is now a doctors office. Now you go THERE all the time.

6. You forget your birthday.

7. Everybody all of a sudden is a " Whippersnapper ".

8. You dream of nickle candy bars.

GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaDainian N9ne
11-17-2005, 09:58 PM
lol. 6/10 on the Laugh o Meter. Heres mine. based on you know when ur addicted to wrestling when...

When u go to a japenese restaurant and start a USA! chant.

When u try to put ur kids to bed in a sleeper hold.

When u search the Bible for the book of austin

In a job application for location u put "Parts Unknown"

When u win an award and spray paint nWo on it.

When u walk into a party u yell cut the music! cut the music!

If you walk into Church and u give high fives to the ppl in the pews.

Credit: I found wut else u wanna know! wanna? PM me.

11-18-2005, 08:43 AM
I'm not going to waste my time anymore. Besides, what seems funny at 3am may may not be funny at 9am.

Charger fans are too uptight right now to care too much about laughing, anyway.

Maybe later?


11-23-2005, 09:21 PM
You remember the last time the chargers won the super bowl.

11-28-2005, 07:41 AM
You remember the last time the chargers won the super bowl. The Redskins too!

Guess who just made my ignore list?

I thought of another one......

You know you're getting old when...

You start looking like Don Coryell