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Originally Posted by chargerlew View Post
My quick thoughts:

If Rivers goes down we are screwed. Volek looked like garbage out there, and always seems to rush the play WAY to fast. It's like he doesn't even complete his reads before just zipping the ball away, and not even on target,

So far, Hester has been completely overhyped. He looks like an extremely average runner, and isn't doing jack on goaline situations (that TD he had was barely in, and it only took him 5 tries!). It really makes you appreciate all the TDs LT has gotten for su. You tend to start thinking that anybody can just punch it in from the one or two yard line, but obviiously not. So far, Hester is really making me miss Michael Turner.
What are you talking about Michael Turner failed to convert more than a few times and fumbled some of the few times he had it. It takes at least two players to bring him down. Even then he still falls forward gaining a half a yard.

Sproles is quicker and more elusive than Turner. Hester is a harder hitter. Both can hold on to the ball better.

In only one game in preseason has Turner gotten more yards per carry. He has no TDs, while Hester now has 3.
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