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Blue Bolt
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I agree with you 100% Blue!!!

How sad is it that we can see the replay at home on the 1st call, and they can't get it???

I could not hear a whistle on the last play?

Sad that our "D" has lost two games with passes over the middle? Two in a row today for the TD and the 2 Points? SHEET!
I guarantee you that Dobbins and Cutler didn't hear the whistle either. When there's a lose ball, you go get it, you don't stop for a whistle.

The inadvertent whistle is the biggest farce in the NFL. The official's mistake should not be a deciding factor in a game, ever.

Review the play, see your mistake and award the ball to the Chargers. The whole point is for the officials to get the call right. Giving the ball back to the Broncos after Cutler's fumble is not getting the play right, it's changing the outcome of the game. It's a travesty and Ed Hochuli should be punished.

That one loss could be very important at the end of the season, and we'll have the refs to blame.

How can the review system not be working? They have to check the system before the game starts, to make sure everything is working properly. It conveniently works later on when the Broncos challenge, but not for the Chargers. Honestly, this game was sickening to watch. I've never seen one team get jobbed this badly by the refs.