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I do not have enough posts to start a thread and this one looks like the most related/active thread to place my gripe...

I lived in SD for my first 30 years of life.... had season tickets for the first 25. I now live in Lake Arrowhead and jones to get any info on the Pads and Chargers on the radio. Recently, SD 1360 Sports has been broadcasting on AM 1350 in the IE in the afternoons with the Loose Cannons. It has been the most obnoxious anti-Charger campaign that I have ever heard. At first, I thought that any coverage was worth it... but it has become clear that this tandem has made it a priority to sow seeds of discontent in So Cal for the Bolts. One of the broadcasters is a professed Raider Fan and they even host Raiders on their show... In San Diego for crying out loud. That is just the tip of the iceberg though... Every day it is wall-to-wall with Anti-Charger propaganda. I did not think it was possible for their to be a show dedicated to hating on a team rather than supporting one.... but it is. They also spend a significant portion of their show hating on the Padres as well... calling them a triple-A team with no content on the unreal wealth of prospects they have currently built in their Farm System. In short, I absolutely hate this program and wonder if their still on the air because the majority of SD Charger Fans feel the same way. Has the move really lost 90 percent of the fans? Why can the Raiders move to Las Vegas and not get any real negative press or loss of significant support... but the Chargers get vilified? The NFL made the Spanos Family make the move when they said the Turds would take LA if they didn't. How can you expect a franchise to have ALL of So Cal as its broadcast area and then have the Rams AND Turds move in to steal 90 percent of it? Think people. <end rant>
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