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Originally Posted by Bolt4Life View Post
Perrypao, I hate to start a fight with you because I've always liked you, but come game day if we lose and all the bitter ex fans come out to gloat about how happy they are we lost, are you going to continue to defend them? Is the CMB just for years now going to be a place that everytime we lose we will have a bunch of ex San Diego fans freely gloating about the loss in general discussion and not the smack shack? If you allow that, I'm sure than just me will say bye bye to this place. Six1nine said he will root for any team playing the Chargers. Mark him down as not being allowed in the gameday thread.

"Fans of the other team are not welcome in our "game day" threads" straight from the rulebook.

He is not a Bolts fan or are you going to defend him when he lambasts the team after losses?

I thought the rule of thumb moderators have chosen was give these people until the season to figure themselves out. Well, it's just about the regular season.

Call it thin skinned or whatever you want, but I know I will tire of constantly having to read smack talk of the Chargers in GD. This place used to be great for discussion and I believe it still could. Not just a smack shack in GD.
I hear you. We'll look at each poster individually. If someone is being a troll, then they'll suffer the consequences. Watch and see what happens. Things will work out.
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