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Originally Posted by Kemp17 View Post
I say we pour all our resources into our needs outside of QB (esp. OL, OLB, and CB) and see what we have in Rivers. If he still can't pull himself together, then we'll know he's done here and we can spend a higher pick on a new QB. Seems to me that it's highly probable that we'll have to spend a 1st or at least 2nd on a QB for our next starter in any case, so taking one in the 3rd-5th right now would probably not help this team in the short or long term.

That's just the way I see it.
I agree with everything especially the quoted. On to my next mock revision!

Since I don't do player analysis to the extent that you do, who are some pure pass rushers you see falling to the top half of the second round that would be a good fit?
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