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Originally Posted by Chargerfreak View Post
First of all, you know you have to blindly agree with my posts. Tackles first. Swear to it, or you will be punished.

I am not sure the answer that you are getting at. We need tackles, you believe a center. We drafted Molk, but you don't like him either. Do you want to draft another one ? FA one ?

Molk hasn't even had a shred of a chance yet cuz they've been using Hardwick.
I think we need center and OT.

I think people see more of the bad that the OT's have done, but seeing the poor play at center is less obvious.

Like I said, Molk didn't do anything in preseason that got me excited about him in the future. He looks like depth. Maybe next year he looks more promising. Dunno.

Regardless, I would like a C/G drafted between rounds 2-4. An OT in either round 1 or 2. Re-sign Vasquez as a starter, re-sign Green as a swing OL to a cheap vet contract (if he gets offered more elsewhere, so be it). Maybe the next regime gets Gaither's head straight. If not, cut him during camp.
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