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Originally Posted by Chargerfreak View Post
Is this really your take ? You are welcome to your opinion, 100%, but is this it ?

Have you ever considered that Meachem and Royal have sucked so bad that I struggle to find the words for it ? Hitting Meachem in the chest for the game winning score in Cleveland, AND HE DROPS IT ???

They have been so bad that we had to go sign Alexander ?

C'mon man.
Yeah Meachem and Royal have been huge disappointments and some of that blame goes to them. That drop was especially painful to watch, I agree. Royal being injured has also hurt. At the same time though I hoped we would sign the two of them and was very happy when we did sign them. I thought they would bring new dimensions to the offense and diminish the over reliance of the deep ball in Norv's offense. Last year during the losing streak that over reliance killed us when the oline was in shambles. I really like what I saw the first 2 games this year from Norv working the short passing game with the running game and hoped it would continue, but alas he has gone back to relying heavily on the vertical game. With a poor oline this will not work.

In terms of Meachem, Norv should have let him and Rivers get more reps in the preseason together instead of acting like everything was fine and their lack of timing together would just magically fix itself in the regular season. It was pretty clear that the struggles would continue to most people, except Norv really. Meachem and Royal should be used on more routes where the design is run after catch, but Norv has basically just plugged them into the offense without designing plays to there strengths. Royal was doing well early in the year on reverses, but we haven't seen one now since week 3. Evening using Royal in a fake reverse situation to help the running game would be good, but I don't remember that either.

Signing Alexander helps prove my point that Norv is not tailoring the offense around his personnel, but plugging the personnel into his schemes and system and Alexander fits that system perfectly. Unfortunately with a crap oline this system cannot be successful as I have mentioned. Clearly, Norv is not an offensive genius anymore if he cannot realize this.
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