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Originally Posted by AnthonyVP27 View Post
Maybe you missed my post on salaries...but here is another take...Jackson will be getting 11000000 this year and 13000000 next year...for comparison Phillip Freakin' Rivers is getting 10200000 this year and 12000000 next year...really? pay the man?

C'mon Man!
Meachem and Royal cost us $15M this year and depending on Meachem's contract (bonus) will cost us $14M next year.

The only money we save is on the back end. Meach and Royal are signed for 4 and 3 years respectively. VJ signed for 5. Assuming we would have signed VJ for the same contract but structured it with bonus money we would take about a $5.5M hit if we cut VJ in year 4. If we stick with him then VJ's contract would cost us considerably more. However at that point it would mean he is still producing and worth the money otherwise he would get released.

There is no way to have known that Meach and Royal would bust. But given the situation we would have been way better off signing VJ, even for the $55M contract.
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