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Default RE: Titans fan here

Originally posted by: squirrel
I am a tied dyed blue, true bleedin blue Titans fan. BUT I do NOT talk flame, smack, whatever. I wish a good game on everyone with NO injuries on either side.
Well then welcome, you do relize though that we Charger Fans, well we are backing our Team 1000%, and anything less will bring about more arguments in here. But we are also getting clobered by the Trolls who come in here, so we have had to do our fair share of smacking, and were getting quite testy there, its been a very pleasent surprise this Week, As far as i am concerned, you guys are welcome back in here after the Game.

So with that dont take exception if someone jumps on you in here. I havent met a Titans Fan I havent disliked yet, and hopefully that streak will not end.
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