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Originally Posted by chargertom View Post
Freak, I was asked to forward this note to you.

Dear Freak,

Why no love for me, Mr. Freak?
I need to feel you kiss my cheek.

I do my job with utmost grace,
Waiting for your warm embrace.

I stand before you, humble, proud.
I need to hear you cheer me loud.

I run routes, I catch the ball.
You sit and lurk this darkened hall.

I didn't know that VJ guy.
But it seems the Chargers told him "bye".

I'll do my job, I will not falter.
Now won't you walk me to the altar?

I'll do my best, to you be true.
My heart is painted Charger blue.

Comparing me to him just isn't fair,
So please get up, out of that chair.

On your feet, scream my name.
And I'll help the Chargers win the game.

All my love,

HA HA !!! GREAT poem !!! You get a Helmet for it

We triple love you DX !!!! I feel like he is actually hugging me when he crosses his arms in an X !

Welcome to the Chargers X-Man !!!! Keep up the great work !!
The Chargers need YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won't you Bag Up to help the Chargers cause ?

Give. Give till it hurts.
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