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We should have just fired AJ and Norv, brought LT back for a farewell tour, paid VJ and hoped for the best from new blood. I would've purchased tickets and driven the 1,500 miles to see one of LT's final games in Charger Blue, and I don't think I'm alone. It is poor management brought on by the entire atmosphere created by Albert James and the Yes Men, where players are treated as useless commodities and loyalty is left by the wayside.

AJ has made millions while destroying the team, his firing will cause no suffering. Perhaps that's why the dissidents yelled so loudly as the ship began to sink. We, the fans, are the only ones left to bear the burden of what has happened to the team over the last five years. The fans are the only party involved who invest and are not guaranteed some type of return. Well... in January I hope we at least get the satisfaction of seeing it scroll across ESPN that The Mighty Wizard of Qualcomm has been vanquished and we can return to the pursuit of the NFL sponsored, non-profit, "entertainment" trophy.
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