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Originally Posted by charger1_sj View Post
It's going to take more than a tackle or two. Without Mathews we are devoid of any big time play makers on offense. We don't have a legit #1 receiver and Gates is no longer able to get the seperation he once did. I attended a couple games live this year and it's easy to see part of the reason PR struggles. Our receivers do not get seperation and when they do it's often too late and PR doesn't see it because at that point the play has broken down. PR is not the type of Qb that can extend plays as we all know. In other words the talent on O needs some major improvement.

The interior of our Oline is also in sorry shape. Hardwick maybe done and Green is not cutting it. Our running game is also greatly effected by the condition of our O line.

I do not think there is an easy fix. We won't get four new O line starters from the draft. We definitely can do better than we did this year. But to be clear we're talking about making the PO and being competitive when we get there. Can we patch thing up so that we get to 8-8, 9-7 sure.
Can we get to 12-4, probably not.

I'm more bullish on our D but that unit is not championship quality just yet.
I hear you, the AFC is not what it use to be and you only need 9 or 10 wins to get a WC and I think the Chargers can do that if they make the proper moves this offseason.

However, being a true contender is likely 3 years down the line........but baby steps first.
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