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Originally Posted by 21and500 View Post
great start nutty
im excited to start looking at these prospects
QB may not be considered a "need" but imo the draft priority is finding rivers' successor
while it's true that its looking to be a deep qb class, i wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger round 1 because it's too important
coming away from a deep class while rivers is in decline would be worst case scenario for me.
i think it would be a mistake to depend on Telesco to find "a diamond in rough"
we've already spent a 7th on Jones, I don't mind spending 2 more picks, it's THAT important.

after QB, im looking for OT and a REAL C
sorry, ya'll know how i feel about pulley and i think Lamp is ultimately a guard

LB is next. this is pretty obvious.

DT is a bigger need for me than most. I havent been super impressed with mebane, and he's getting old in a hurry.
Luiget is just a guy
philon flashes but we need a stud next to bosa and ingram to truly help our LBs

i think King will be our starting FS next year and we'll manage at SS

one position i wouldnt mind drafting if a great opportunity presents itself is Kicker, as high as 5th rounder... anyone know of nay awsome kickers coming out?

of course all this can change depending on free agency depth

Don't be surprised if Lamp is your 'real center' in the end......
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