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Originally Posted by 21and500 View Post
QB may not be considered a "need" but imo the draft priority is finding rivers' successor. while it's true that its looking to be a deep qb class, i wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger round 1 because it's too important...

after QB, im looking for OT and a REAL C
sorry, ya'll know how i feel about pulley and i think Lamp is ultimately a guard

LB is next. this is pretty obvious.

DT is a bigger need for me than most. I havent been super impressed with mebane, and he's getting old in a hurry.
Luiget is just a guy
philon flashes but we need a stud next to bosa and ingram to truly help our LBs

i think King will be our starting FS next year and we'll manage at SS.
Appreciate the feedback. I hear what you're saying about finding PR's replacement. I suspect we should be able to find a starter even in the 2nd round... the QB class is deep. On average, 3 QB's are picked in the 1st round. I see 6 or 7 QB's that could be starters in this year's class.

I think we need to improve at DT too. However, this coming year's FA DT list should be deep. And many of the teams that have FA DT's are in a bad cap spot. I also see a number of college DT's in the later rounds that could be good.

I like King in the slot. Not sure he has the speed/range to play Gusly's centerfield FS. I like a number of FS prospects in this year's class.

LB is one position I'd consider drafting early this year. Gus' defense depends on a good SAM. And Perryman's health is inconsistent. Malik Jefferson (Texas) is a versatile LB that could probably fill either role.
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