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Default let's do some math

it is true that 6 x $90 = $540. however, as any season ticket holder can tell you, the value of the preseason games are close to worthless - except this year.

so, you really should divide the season cost by 8 games, not 10. this will give you $112.50 per ticket, which is more realistic. add in another $10 for garbage fees if you bought these through ticketmaster, and you would be at $122.50 per ticket for the base value.

at $157, you are paying about $35 more per ticket than the base value. however, you are talking about 6 seats together in a very favorable section (I own 2 seats in plaza 42 - plaza is sweet).

you may be able to find seats cheaper than $141, but probably not less than $125 (you could also sit "near" each other and not "next" to each other). this is friendly educational advice, not trying to be a jerk.
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