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The Chargers ahouldn't be swept by anyone in AFCW.
KC has some electric players on offense with Hill & Hunt, the Charger destroyer HC Reid and a promising new starting QB. Their strength plays vs our strength, KC "O" v LAC "D".
Denver has a very good D, great pass rush & estimated improvement at QB. They deserve our respect.
Who knows how Oakland will do? We swept them last year and should have a better LAC team this year. They deserve our best beat down.

The Chargers need to improve their game across the board. Last year had a new HC & mostly new staff, new location in temporary facilities. This year there is greater familiarity between players & coaches and what we need to do & how we do it.
Getting our rushing offense on track and doing it by game one is critical. Feeney, Pouncey and Lamp will be major players along with the RBs & coaches. Whis needs to run a balanced offense for the most part. One hand washes the other regards run & pass.
Our biggest and only deficiency on defense was long gains by RBs. That needs to stop. Gus & staff can make some adjustments & the players know of and are not happy with the YPC allowed stat. We added speed in a healthy Brown & rookies James, Nwosu, White and
DT beef with Jones. A consistently healthy Perryman would be huge but is iffy.
We started OTAs a lot more smoothly and need to continue to build consistency & effort through mini-camp Jun 12-14, take a nice break and come to training camp in late July ready for work. Lynn & his coaches have a good plan but it'll take everyone.
I'm looking forward to it.
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