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Wow, times must be tough out there for fellow Chargers fans and I can feel your pain. The cost of living her in SoCal does suck for the average Joe, just like me. But I wanted to offer these tickets, which I agree with Charger Tom is a deal, to those on the forums (true blue fans) first before posting them on Craigslist - which I will do in the a.m. if I get no member bites. For some of you who may have been contemplating it, but were reluctant because of the seating location - oh well... we like them here because we can see the entire play(s) unfolding. But, that's what we like to do - analyze the game and watch them unfold. If it's that big of a deal you could always slither on over to "better" seats, since the game did not sell out and there WILL BE many empty brokered seats

Originally Posted by GrbgCllctr View Post
I have three tickets (UV42) to the Chargers vs Cowboys game this Saturday AND a parking pass in the Outer Ring section C2-C3 all for $100.

This is an inexpensive way and great opportunity to introduce your child(ren) and / or a significant other to the atmosphere of a live game, which is what I would prefer in lieu of those interested in a boisterous drunkfest - since these are my season tickets. I bought my original two seats as a father & son bonding time together 9 years ago and added the third seat after the wife became a Charger fanatic a few years ago so she could join us at EVERY game. The original two seats are on the aisle (seats 1 and 2), but the third seat is in the row below us (seat 3). This was due to the brokers buying up a majority of the surrounding seats after 2004 and every year since I forget to try and renew them together. However, even during the regular season we usually get to sit three in a row – let alone it’s a guarantee during the preseason due to said brokered tickets not selling.

The parking pass gets you in an hour earlier than general admission, so you don’t have to hassle with the traffic snarl trying to get into the parking lot. Thus another reason I would prefer they go to someone introducing their child(ren) and / or significant other to the experience – by making a day of it and tailgating in a preferred parking area that never gets congested.

However, I would consider selling two tickets and the parking pass to one person for $75 and the single ticket to another person for $25 should I not have a taker for the whole package deal.

These are hard tickets and you would have to meet me in the Temecula area, or possibly the Fallbrook or Vista areas, for the hand off. PM me if interested. I will check back later tonight or tomorrow morning, or beyond…

I would never sell my tickets to opposing fans so if I sell them to someone off this board you better show up in a vehicle adorned with Chargers paraphernalia, or Chargers gear on your person. No exceptions! Trust me – I’ll eat the tickets before I sell to “others”. LMAO, and no J/K. Yeah, I can be long winded…
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