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Their upside may be different bc Reese was always limited by his size, but their absolutely not apples and oranges... They have similar skillset and identical shortfalls.

And Reese is most certainly a freak athlete. His vertical jump and 3-cone were among the best at the combine last year. Coates may put up a better 40, but he wond be anywhere near Reese's vertical or 3-cone.

Anyway, my point is just that our FO values consistency obviously since Reese who had developmental upside, was too inconsistent to make the roster.
1. Jerry Tillery, DT
2. Calvin Throckmorton, OT
3. Shareef Miller, Edge
4. Brian Peavy, CB
5. Hunter Renfrow, WR
6. Braden Mann, P
7. Kyle Shurmur, QB

Cut: WR Benjamin
FA: LB Barr, K Gostkowski/Gould, S Amos

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