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Default Spanos ownership thread

As we are hearing the latest rumors about LA I'd like to provide some thoughts and get some thoughts from the rest of the board members re: the Spanos ownership of the Chargers. A couple of observations from my perspective:

1. Alex Spanos was a self made man and knew how to run a business. He had negotiated deals and understood what it took to get a deal done. Dean & his offspring were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have never had jobs outside of the family business. I don't think they have the same business acumen as Alex.

2. I don't believe that the Spanos really have the $ to compete at the highest levels in the NFL. Deano's net worth is $1.1B with the Chargers being worth $949M. To me it looks like the vast majority of his net worth is tied up in the Chargers and if you want to do something like build a stadium or move the team with the associated relo fees he doesn't have the net worth to be able to stroke a check. Based on this article it shows Dean @ 26 out of 29 owners that they could peg for net worth.

3. I will grant that the Chargers spend to the cap every year - so they are trying to put the best players on the field. That being said are they able to pay for the ancillary items - best front office, best coaches, best facilities? I recollect having heard from some departed players that they were impressed with the new facilities once they got to their new teams.

4. I keep hearing from other owners how Dean is such a great owner. Based on the vote from last year it seems that they like Dean because they can push him around easily. Pretty easy to like an owner who will consistently fall in line & not rock the boat. Even with all the chips that Dean should have at this point it wasn't even close when it came down to Carson vs. Inglewood and he just stood there & took it.

5. Team ownership has shown a reluctance to deal with issues in the organization. This goes back to Bobby R. vs Bobby B. which was then relived in AJ vs. Marty. The team seems to consistently go for the meek & mild coaches (Coryell, Al Saunders, Dan Henning, Bobby Ross, Kevin Gilbride, June Jones, Mike Riley, Marty, Norv, McCoy). Other than Bobby Ross & Marty it seems like a list of the most vanilla coaches you could ever find - well other than the screaming jerk that was Gilbride. In addition to having some of the meekest coaches to walk the sidelines ownership seems to put off moving on after a coach has proved to be unable to right the ship. How many of PR's best years have been lost to mediocre coaching (& I'm being generous there)?

6. Rather than hiring the best people for key positions within the organization Dean has promoted his kids in the most egregious case of nepotism I can imagine. If you really want to increase the value of your greatest asset you get the best people that you can to run it. If you think otherwise I ask you would John & AG have the positions that they have in any other NFL organization?

7. In another issue of questionable leadership skills I'm not sure where Dean has been in this whole stadium relocation process. He is the only person who could have stopped Fabiani doing his best General Sherman imitation with the city of San Diego last year. I don't care if it came out of Dean's mouth or not - he condoned what Fabiani did by not standing up and saying that such actions were inconsistent with the Chargers culture.

When I look at the ownership from all these angles it is really no surprise that the Chargers are where they are. There are not the financial resources and the culture is not laser focused on winning. Dean & Co may be wonderful people which is great, but they aren't the kind of people that I want as owners of the football team that I have invested my time in. In terms that I think we'll all understand - I want Bill Belichick coaching my team. I'd never want to grab a beer with him or spend any time with him - but if I want my team to win he's the guy I want. From an ownership perspective Kraft steps back & gives Belichick the room that he needs to operate and gives him the resources necessary to win - be it players, coaches, whatever. I don't see that type of dedication & pursuit of excellence out of the Chargers ownership, and without that you won't ever be a top team.

The problem for San Diego is that I don't see that the current ownership has the capacity to make the deal happen. There isn't the business background to understand that you have to give to get. The easiest path seems to be the one most likely to be followed. At this point the easiest path points to LA - and that is why I see that as the most likely outcome.
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