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A franchise's valuation only has meaning if someone is willing to pay that price. A house may be valued by zillow at $1 million, but if nobody will pay more than $800k for it, that then is it's true value.

Virtually all the competition posts I've seen seem to imply that the Chargers, if they do better, only need be concerned with the currently bad Rams.

First, the Rams have the prior 49 year history, fans from those years, and were wanted by LA - the Chargers mostly are not desired. A disliked team does not suddenly get liked merely winning.

Second, unlike in San Diego, where the Chargers only competed with one pro team and one major college, it will be dramatically different in LA. They are competing for overall fan dollars, which with escalating prices in all sports, are hardly limitless. Beyond the Rams, they have two huge schools, UCLA and USC, to compete with for the football fan dollar.

Also in September they will be competing with the Dodgers and Angels (and October if those teams make the postseason). Come October/November through the NFL playoffs, they have to deal with the Lakers/Clippers, and the Kings/Ducks.

I know from experience in the NY market that people no longer can afford to attend many pro games, just too expensive. So they get very selective in what they will attend, not based upon who is winning, but which team they like best, and want to see in person. I believe the less-than-popular Chargers will have an extremely difficult, large mountain to climb to be successful and profitable in the Los Angels market, even over the long term.
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