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Originally Posted by r0j0 View Post
We know what we got from Bosa/Ingram, two of the best edge rushers in the game. Mebane was really good last year but got hurt, should still have another good year or 2 in him.

The key is going to be guys like Square, Palepoi, Reid, Liuget stepping up in order to be considered the best defensive line in the league.

I thought Square looked solid against the run but he only played in 1/3 of the defensive snaps, can he double that and still be productive?

Honestly I am not too high on Palepoi at all. I think he could be replaced in training camp by another undrafted free agent guy.

Reid looked good and coming in and providing an interior pass rush but again that was for only 7 games...can he do that for a full season?

Liuget had one of his worst years of his career last year which is strange because for the longest he was the only one worth anything on the D-line and then when he finally gets some guys that can play next to him he struggles. I think he is still a solid run defender but his pass rushing skills are lacking.

There are a lot of what ifs there and unknowns, even Mebane is a little unknown with his age and able to stay healthy for an entire year.

Someone needs to step up besides the Ingram,Mebane,Bosa in order to take that next step
Liuget has flashed Pro Bowl level talent when healthy. He could have a very good year in this D.
Reid is a guy I liked in his draft. Can't believe Det let him go but glad we have him. He can be very good.
Palepoi is not flashy but seldom is beaten. He's a player that can be counted on.
Square is a late bloomer from 'Bama who has been consistent and improving as a Charger.

Everybody has "What if..."s. What we currently have is a very good DL with solid depth. Hopefully the unknown disaster keeps it's head down this year.
What if our DL is better than anyone expects? What about that?
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