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Originally Posted by JimWest View Post
Although I despise them, I would probably agree about the Raiders. Chiefs second, but could still win the AFCW. Toss up between the Broncos and Chargers who ends up third.

Totally concur that the Chargers need to prove that they are any better than the terrible team of the past two seasons.
They have had many HC, OC, DC changes and loads of talent over the past 17-18 years with no championships beyond AFC West titles. Stop choking games away like last year, which was a nightmare. Bottom line - win, period.
No question about that. With the bar so low it'll be difficult to crawl under. We'll be better. The question is how much? We should contend for the AFCW. It'll be fun to watch either way. Too much talent on the LAC for everyone to have a bad year.
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