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Originally Posted by R4PT0R View Post
To be honest with you guys, it's pretty widely accepted that the rule is a complete farce. Teams will hire whoever they want, and this rule is not followed. Teams will make up excuses or basically interview candidates that don't even have a lick of a chance of getting the job, and this happens regularly.

In my view, the idea of the rule was a good one at heart, since there is a problem leaguewide at higher positions but unfortunately, the rule itself is a dumb one. Non-Execution of the rule as I alluded in my first paragraph aside, the principle is silly. The rule is inherently racist in my opinion. People should be treated equally. Mandating interview someone of a certain skin colour is inherently racist. I realize this can be argued, but regardless, that is my take on it. I wish the rule would be abolished.

Why can't we just hire people based on their ability to do the job? It's silly. This is just another good example of how terrible this rule has become.

You cannot possibly believe that a team hires someone because of their skin color, because I am here to tell you they do not. They get hired because the team believes they will turn the club into winners, which of course is based off of some perceived talent or ability.....
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