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Originally Posted by ltinabottle View Post
If it's an equal distance I can get to Mission Valley from Murrieta (60 Miles) in about an hour stress free with virtually no traffic. However, getting to Carson with traffic I'm sure it's at least twice the time.

For 55 years they we're the Dago Chargers as Junior Seau #55 use to say. The parking lot at Qualcomm is now used as an amusement park. You can see the twinkling bright lights while driving from the 8/ 805 or 15 freeways or the lot is used for parking used cars for sale on weekends.

A definite eyesore in the evenings and a waste of space in Mission Valley. What could of been.
I'm sure there's more traffic on your way to Carson, but it's not as dreaded as if you had to take the 405. (You wouldn't coming from your direction.)

The 91 freeway can be testy, if memory serves me well (I don't take that freeway much), but on a weekend, you're not going to get the taste of dreaded L.A. traffic like you would on a weekday.

With that said, Mission Valley could've dominated with Spanos' property holdings there. I never understood why it had to be DTSD or bust.
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