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So this guy basically sucks as a talent evaluator correct? He had high marks for Tuerk and Grice. If he misses on Derwin then his opinion has no credibility.

I tend to favor Bryan McFadden a former Steeler whose actually played NFL football and actually watched Derwin in person during practice. If he says James is an alpha alpha I mean the first person to be in on a tackle, the only person to say don't run it here after snuffing the run play. That's what this team needs a talented, physically gifted player who plays with a nasty attitude. We need this in droves.
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well.... sorry to follow up the Nwosu (Fanatical Yankee) reports w/this, and.... someone I know that watches a fair bit of Florida football warned me that he was overrated.


and just to save the diehards some time, this guy had high marks for both Maximillian Tuerk and Marion Grice....

that said, dude is still my fave read among draftniks, and do not take lightly his guesstimation of our first two selections, and....

am still of the opinion.... a very average draft had by our Carson Chargers.
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