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5) Obo, Tim Settle, Jamarco Jones, Deon Cain

my suspicion is that the Qberry was a bit of a sentimental pick, which isn't all bad if (and when) he works/pans out, albeit if he doesn't and there are those that def question his prospects.... there were alternatives.

personally woulda had my hesitations w/most anyone bolded above, as no doubt Obo has mad talent/skills, albeit wonder 'bout his intangibles, and ditto for Deon Cain as he looks like he could be all world, but given that he is following in MW's footsteps.... dunno ??

had Jamarco Jones as a borderline first rounder and really think he's gonna start on the right side for someone sometime, and.... wasn't in love w/him as a Charger, and ditto for Tim Settle who gotta alotta love @one point in the process, but fell off a bit after peoples took a closer look at him.

my pick here woulda been (Hercules) Mata'afa no questions asked, and woulda had no complaints w/either Tony Brown or Brandon Facyson neither, and woulda hailed Telesco as having done it again w/another round five surprise bonanza.... (am very grateful that we have both Brown and Facyson on the squad now).
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