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Originally Posted by ChargingBolts View Post
Has anyone gone to the presentation? I have been invited and am worried it will be a waste of time. Like a timeshare presentation hard core pitch. I am more open minded to mid level 40 yard line with psl of hopefully $2k ish.

They told me over the phone there would be no disputes with psl and Rams psl holders for example a Bowl game there because the tickets would go in a pool and you wouldn't be able to sit in your seat.
Originally Posted by Bolt4Life View Post
Yes I went. It's super non-pressure. I told him from the beginning I couldn't afford what they were pitching that day and he said, "Well, if you like, since you are here anyways let me still show you the stadium." They will not be doing the presentation for the cheaper PSLs per them when I was there. I say go. It is worth it to see the stadium. I learned some new things.
They held a real nice event this week. Even after the free food; tours; and beer (), the pitch was not hard-core.

The folks doing the pitching are from an independent company. They are not Chargers employees. The rep I had had worked on the Yankees stadium seating, as well as Cowboys, Falcons, and Jags. Interesting though, that these folks will be "phased in" to becoming Chargers employees after the initial sales.

P.S. The $ for the premium seating is just too much for me. And it's not just (or even mainly) the PSL -- it's the tix themselves. At four seats, you'd be looking at a 40-60k PSL (finance-able); then an additional $14,000 / year in season tickets. Too much obligation.

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