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Originally Posted by MrNAFTA View Post
Is how many QB's can come off the board before we pick. When we beat the Raiders we will be what 12-15? assuming it's the worst and we pick 15, how many QB's will be taken by then. As with every draft for every player taken at a position we don't need another talented player falls close to us.

Kiper once had Gene Smith, Barkley, Logan Thomas ahead of Glennon, now he has Mike Glennon as his no.1 QB. It won't be the only change in the QB order in the next 4 months. What do you guys think the over/under is. over 1 QB under 4 QB's?
Many people in this board have broken down the range of where we're picking, and they've said that our range is between picks 6 and 13. If we win and end up picking at 13 (absolute worst case scenario) I can realistically see 2 MAYBE 3 QBs taken before our pick.
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